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  • Added on: Dec 08 2011 11:51 AM
  • Date Updated: Dec 12 2011 07:51 PM
  • Views: 2976

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Fix Music Metadata and Album Art Overwrite Feature

The default behavior for the WHS 2011 Media Streaming is to synchronize Music Metadata and Album art every 24 hours. This has cause a lot of heart burn for people who have spent countless hours customizing their media library. This work around will help prevent future pain.

Posted by bobbyc on Dec 08 2011 11:51 AM
What You Will Need
Remote Desktop Connection

Log on to your WHS 2011 using your RDP connection and open the Task Scheduler. Click the start Orb, select Administrative Tools, and Open Task Scheduler.
Navigate to Microsoft > Windows > Windows Server in the left-pane.
Right-click the 'Media Streaming metadata Synchronizer' in the center-pane and select 'Disable'.
Now select the 'Display all running tasks' in the 'Action' Pane on the far right.


Hi-Lite 'Media Streaming metadata Synchronizer' and click the 'End Task' button and click 'Yes' to confirm you want to stop this task.

clip02.PNG clip03.PNG

Click on the 'Refresh' Action to ensure this task has been disabled.


I would like to give credit to everyone in the WGS community who posted their comments on the following thread and made this tutorial possible.
You can find additional info about this in an Article on Microsoft's Technet here.
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