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      Hi everyone, We're coming up to We Got Served's ten year anniversary and I've been taking a good look at the site to work through some plans for the future. I wanted to give you all a couple of weeks notice that I'll be closing WGS Forums at the end of this month.  As you'll be aware, the forums were opened to support Windows Home Server users and have done so brilliantly, thanks to everyone's participation. However, with each day that passes, there are fewer and fewer WHS deployments out there, meaning that forum registrations and traffic has now dwindled. I've tried a few times over the years to test some forums on related or adjacent topics, however, they simply haven't caught on. It's clear that these were always going to be predominately Windows Home Server forums and, with the passing of that platform, they've served their purpose well. So, please take some time to archive anything you need over the next two weeks. Access to the forums will end on Jan 31st 2017. Many, many thanks once again for your participation and support here. It's been a great community! Very best wishes Terry

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  2. Hi - I'm now on Lights-Out 2, but the problem persists. Today 3 client computers suddenly shut down after a Lights-Out backup, whilst they were in use (but the users were away from the keyboard so never saw the warning message). All 3 computers had missed their previous backup (scheduled during Friday night). The 3 computers were automatically backed up during the day today, Monday (their next scheduled backup was set for Monday night). At the end of the backup they shut down & the users lost work. I'm trying to create a situation where... Each evening, the client computers are put to Sleep. During the night, the server wakes up the clients in turn, runs a Lights-Out backup, then shuts down the clients. When all the backups are done, Lights-Out puts the server to Sleep. In the morning the clients are re-started, the server wakes up, and the day begins as normal (I like the idea of the clients being restarted regularly). If one of the client computers can't be woken up during the night (the user had accidentally shut it down at the end of the day, or took it home with them), I don't mind what happens next: either a 'normal' Windows server backup during the day; or nothing happens until the next scheduled night-time backup. But these unexpected daytime shutdowns are making me increasingly unpopular - is there any way to avoid them during the daytime when everyone is trying to work normally? many thanks, Simon
  3. Please contact support@green-it-software.com and I can send you a copy.
  4. Hi, I am looking for these drivers HpMssServiceSetup_v1.0.6 but the dowmload link is dead. Does anyone have a working link please. Thank you.
  5. That guide is for installing Exchange on a Server Essentials network, not necessarily installing both services on the same server, which isn't a good idea at all to do (as SBS with Exchange 2007/2010 was a good example of how poorly both AD and Exchange run when both are on the same server), nor is it supported by Microsoft. Exchange 2016 initially had compatibility issues when installed on Server 2016 until Microsoft's server team came up with KB3206632 and the Exchange team released December 2016's quarterly update (CU3 or 4). Your IIS Reverse proxy will only (currently) be supported on Windows Server 2012/R2, as you've no doubt discovered, the Application Request Routing version and update only support 2012/R2. I know it works for 2012 R2 because I'm running Exchange 2016 CU4 on Server 2012 R2 on my domain that also includes a Server Standard with Essentials Role installed (5 VMs: 2 Domain Controllers, Exchange 2016 CU4, Server Essentials and a Reverse Proxy server all running 2012 R2 using ARR 2.5 -- the ARR Reverse Proxy allows me to share Exchange, Essentials RWA and my QNAP on 443), but thus far, I haven't seen anything for Windows Server 2016. ARR 3.0 might work with Server 2016, or your other alternative is to deploy another server running 2012/R2 and use ARR 2.5.
  6. Hi, I had to rebuild me WHS v1 server and lost my license key, Can you please send me my details ?



  7. Last week
  8. IPv6 is unchecked on the adapters for client and server and disabled on router. Still no connection. Any other ideas?
  9. I realize this is probably not the right place. Is Server 2016 Std available for only one CPU/eight cores? All is find is 16 cores or more. Will probably end up with 2016 Essentials anyway. Thank you.
  10. Try unchecking the IPv6 box on your network connection to the server and try again.
  11. Thanks - I noticed my backups were having trouble and assumed it was due to low space, but when another 8TB in drivepool didn't help I was scratching my head - Nice Work !
  12. I ran out of ports on my motherboard thought it might be better to move all my drives to a 8 port SATA card. The problem I'm facing is that this is seems to be a pretty expensive upgrade and mostly because of RAID. The only cheap option I'm finding are SYBA cards but not sure if any good. I actually have a 2 port SYBA SATA card at the moment where I have a drive connected which is a part of a Stablebit drive pool. I'm not sure if this is a good idea, though. I've been having some issues with the pool where I'm experiencing some slow down. This only started to occur after adding the drive to the pool. Thinking I should put all drives on the same card instead of mixing
  13. I am having problems with my Connector download from <servername>\connect. I can see the browser "waiting for server" then "connecting to server" then after a while I get a connection has timed out result. RDP works, Desktop works, and mapped drives work. The problem exists on all clients. It worked as recently as Nov 6, but something in the ensuing time has broken the connection. I tried to restore the system to an earlier system state from a server backup and it worked but I loose other functionality (WSUS for example). However, my backup disk is full and that backup is no longer available to me. I have tried turning firewalls off (client, server and router) to no avail. I have looked into IIS but cannot seem to see anything amiss there. Some of the applications work (Setup, Remote and maybe RPC - it gives me a blank page) but Connect and the others under Default Web Site do not. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction before WGS forums close down. I haven't found much useful info on the MS forums, they tend to just tell you to reload the OS and I am desperately trying to avoid that since WSUS gave me so much problem getting it set up and running on my bandwidth limited internet connection.
  14. RT @abcbrisbane: The @BOM_Qld Thunderstorm Tracker is great way to see if any #bnestorm relief is on its way. Page updates regularly https:…

  15. I currently run "My Movies"/Server Client on my WHS 2011. I use this setup as a central database for my movie collections and a way to stream movies to 2 - HTPCs, 1 - xBox, 2 - iPads. I don't use my WHS for client back-ups, etc. Since "My Movies" uses Windows Media Center (WMC) and both WMC & WHS 2011 are no longer strategic/supported by Microsoft, as I move to a new Media Center solution (Kodi/Emby), I would also like to move my WHS 2011 to Windows 10. Is there a way to do this where I can keep my current Shares (12 TBs on separate drives, OS on its own drive) in tact or do I have to start from scratch (hope not). Let me know if you have questions to provide me with the best guidance. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.
  16. I think the Android box will help you out in this one.
  17. I am a freelance worker. I use Office 365 for home. It's been 2 years. I have 2 years of data in the 365 cloud. I know that they have a backup and I need not fear the loss of data. Upon the request of a friend, I checked a service that provides cloud to cloud backup for office 365. There are other advantages to the service like auditing and stuff. http://www.storagepipe.com/services/office365backup/ I am not sure should I go with it. I have a lot of sensitive data. But I trust the services of Office 365. Do I need a data backup and recovery service for my account? I would appreciate your suggestions and help. Thanks in advance.
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  19. I am running WSE2012 R2 and I only ever see red, yellow or green. I have never seen blue even when backing up. I can't explain what could be happening here, but maybe some feedback from other users may help us pin it down. What OS are your client PC's? Mine are all Win 10. Not sure if that may have a bearing.
  20. Tell @USAIDAfrica, @DFID_UK & others to stop #KillingAfrica! Sign @COLAfrica's #prolife petition here: https://t.co/vHDhjGinTD

  21. Thanks @omaze! I just entered to Carpool Karaoke with James Corden to support @RED! https://t.co/e0HESK0BjA

  22. I made the leap from WHSv1 to WSE2012R2. I like the new system but one thing seems to be missing. In WHS v1, the tray icon would change colors to indicate various things blue - backing up now green - everything is healthy yellow - warnings detected (e.g. haven't backed up in a while) red - critical issues (e.g. recent backup failed) In WSE 2012 R2, however, I only get the blue and green indicators, even when there are critical errors on my home network. For example, a server hard drive had failed for several weeks, but the connector icon in my system tray remained green. I only discovered the issue when I happened to login to the dashboard for something else. Does anyone know if this feature has been removed in the latest WSE versions? Or have I just mis-configured something?
  23. I am building a new home server: I really want to use StableBit DrivePool and Scanner - am used to them and like the relative ease of use. Hardware = PC running Windows 7 Pro has SSD for OS and 5 additional 2TB HDDs + SansDigital Towerraid (model TR5M6G) connected by eSATA controller (pCie) with 5 2TB HDDs of varying age (2 brand new WD Red and the remaining 3 a combo of Hiatachi and Seagate of varying age - all test out fine for now). Towerraid is currently configured as JBOD, so I can't really see individual drives, and neither does StableBit drive pool - so I get a pool consisting 5 1.82 TB drives (the ones on the PC) and 1 giant 9.1TB drive. I have about 10 TB of data ready to go into this new build. Will be adding more over time. Not sure when but certain I'll have HDDs go bad on me, of course. My question(s): 1) Is there a RAID configuration that will let StableBit do its thing watching individual drives and letting me identify sick drives that need to be removed/replaced? 2) If I decide to give up the RAID and just let DrivePool handle duplication, how do I configure the SansDig? 3) Am I just getting it all wrong from the get-go? Would appreciate any advice - thanks
  24. I have almost 10 TB in the storage pool so I was not surprised when my first server backup took a very long time (22 hrs.). Lately the incremental server backups have been fast (15 - 18 min.) Two days ago the server apparently initiated a full backup that failed twice but completed successfully this morning after about 23 hours. An hour later the regular daily backup is back to a normal incremental backup times (18 min.) So why did the previous backup take so long, as long as a full backup would take? Does the server occasionally make a fresh start with a full backup to reduce the time a full incremental recovery takes? (fewer increments, less processing time) I don't see a setting in the server backup options for specifying a number of increments between full backups, for example.
  25. I just posted a similar question elsewhere. By Shadow Copies are you referring to the Windows 10 File History backups that periodically use shadow copy to backup open files? I too discovered that a huge amount of backup space was consumed by File History backups, no doubt because I was moving some large Blu-Ray files around. That I fixed by moving the temporary and final file folders to the server, where they are backed up as part of the daily server backup. That too, of course, uses Shadow Copies but that is another story. Has anyone done the math? What is the equivalence .. or lack thereof ... between the traditional WS2012r2 (WHS v1 et al.) daily incremental backup :: and a Win7 System Image backup + File History backups? Restore time comparison? Which do you feel is best?
  26. not only can't you do an in-place upgrade but if you make a stupid choice for "business name" you can't go back and correct it. Yup, you gotta fdisk and reinstall. Not only that but if you find the need to reinstall after you have joined some of your clients to the domain, then after the re-install those clients lose all their settings and cause multiple problems trying to join a new domain. Name the domain the same? No that does not help, for whatever reason, the name of the domain has nothing to do with how Windows identifies that domain. Domains are the best reason for dumping Windows Server though I am sticking with it now that I have it running ... What I would really like to see is a new book or at least chapters in the Windows Server books that deal with the basics of domains. And what about how Windows 10 seems to work a bit differently ... keeps its MS account logon and also a domain logon, what is that all about? Is there any book out there that is "Domains for Dummies"?
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