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    • In Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials one could set up L2TP PSK using the following guide: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8736-set-up-l2tp-pskpresharedkey-vpn/ Now, when trying to set the server properties in Routing and Remote Access I get the message "Legacy mode is disabled on this Server. Using this UI, you cannot view/modify the Routing and Remote Access server configuration since legacy mode is disabled. Use RemoteAccess PowerShell cmdlets for viewing/modifying the RRAS configuration.  Is there a way to enable legacy mode in WS2016E? If not, any PowerShell gurus out there who could assist before I start doing too much brain damage? 
    • Barber - A little overkill...... yes....   but what the hell, hardware is pretty cheap these days. Plus it probably only cost +$200 for the 2011 v4 processor over an 1150 and plus $100 for a server grade motherboard. I did find the SSD for the OS essential for running SqueezeCenter music server with a music collection of over 100,000 songs. The delay was unbearable without the ssd. This was in a WHS 2011 Sandy bridge i5 - 2500 build, a Samsung 840 pro cured the response time. Plus I am just too damn impatient to wait for anything less than an SSD for the OS.  I pulled the trigger on the hardware this week and everything arrived today for a weekend build...... Thanks for the reply and good luck with your build.
    • Finally........ WSE 2016 OEM just showed up on Newegg earlier this week, and I ordered a copy!!!
    • The direct link works im thinking that it is an issue with the certificate not redirecting as it should I will update when I know more
    • Thanks Krust That's good to know.  I later found out I don't have to join a domain for the clients to work with  WSE-2016 for backups etc. see:- https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/dda5da26-5f2e-4bf3-82df-8edaab93fae6/urgent-need-to-connect-up-windows-10-pc-to-wse2016-cannot-setup-a-domain-for-w10?forum=winserveressentials John  
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