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    • Dashboard won't fully load from client PC, can't restore files. :-/
      Thanks for the reply RTW! I'm having the problem on computers that were never connected before, a Surface Pro 4, and computers that have been through iterations of Windows 7,8,8.1 & 10.  It doesn't seem to matter. Just to be clear.. Installing the connector isn't a problem. Initiating backups isn't a problem. Accessing the Dashboard from the server isn't a problem. Accessing the Dashboard from any client IS THE PROBLEM. Are you able to access the Dashboard from your W10 machines and restore files without issue? Thanks for the help!
    • Dashboard won't fully load from client PC, can't restore files. :-/
      Were those W10 machines previously connected to the server in previous iterations of W7 or W8.1?  If so, were they given the same computer name? Despite the fact that W10 gave my computer a different name and description than it had previously, I deliberately went into the control panel and changed the name and description to match the old name of the previous W8.1 client.  I don't know if this will help you, but it worked for me after reinstalling the connector.    
    • WHS 11 Setup in a VM, need help
      First off I'm not a power PC/Widows/Server user but I have been building my own PCs since the late 80's and can usually work my way through the process. I don't write code.  I had been running an Acer H340 with WHS v1 up until Win8 when it would not play nice with WHS v1. All my PCs now run Win10 and WHS v1 has no problems connecting. I had planned to upgrade it to WHS 11 but the Acer is very slow so I'm retiring it. I'm attempting to setup WHS 11 in a Hyper-v VM on a Win10 Pro machine. The PC I setup Hyper-v on I use only for CAD/CAM and design work. The system drive is a separate 500gb SSD. For storage I have (3) 2tb drives setup in a single pool with Stablebit.    I have 6 PCs I want to setup for automatic backups to the pool. (4) laptops (family), the host PC and a CNC machine controller running XP (I may upgrade it to win10 soon) I setup Hyper-v on the system SSD drive in a 160gb VD. WHS 11 installed fine and I have run all the updates. I'm at "set server backup". When I run the wizard no available drive shows up. Do I need to create another VD on the same physical drive that the Hyper-v VD is on? I'm not sure how much space the server backup needs to have? When I get to setting up where the client PCs backup to is there anything I have to do to get the VM to see the pool drive and not the physical drives? Lastly while searching for info on this I read to NOT use "Homegroup" with WHS? I have been using Homegroup to transfer files and added WHS to the homegroup, mistake?. Not sure what the best sharing strategy is here.  Thanks in advance. Jay
    • Only Utorrent Traffic Through Openvpn
      I'm using All In One VPN client from ibVPN (http://www.ibvpn.com). The app has a kill switch feature and it kills the Utorrent in case of VPN drop. I can also set which app to run through VPN only.
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