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    • Resume from Standby W2012 R2 not working
      Yes.. I have both a WHS v1 and a WHS2011 box with the same BIOS... But saying that I need to check and see if they are identical. I had to update the CPU microcode to accommodate Xeon CPU's. I am however running an E8400 in the problem box. an L5430 in another and an E8600 in the last one. Hmm no joy there. But the issue can't be the server as a WOL can wake the server from another PC. This confirms the WOL magic packet works ... its just that the schedule doesn't actually send the magic packet. The key is here in the Task Scheduler logs but I dont know how to fix it  The task isnt running so I am not sure what sleep state the server is being sent into. Although the logs say this after I logon to the the server and manually waking it. :-  The system has returned from a low power state. Sleep Time: ‎2016‎-‎02‎-‎12T22:00:35.529385900Z - Lights out correctly sends it to sleep.
      Wake Time: ‎2016‎-‎02‎-‎13T10:55:54.837135900Z - I manually generate this by using WOL Wake Source: Device -Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Task Scheduler did not launch task "\LoS-9ac136bd-9994-416c-b043-5da723eb24d4" as it missed its schedule. I am going to keep looking.   Tx again for your patience.
    • WHS 2011 not working on El Capitan
      I'm having exactly the same problem. To be honest I've only just retrieved the WHS2011 server out of storage as WHS Ver1 is still performing well. I can install the connector on theEl Capitan machine and it does report server errors. I can connect to the server using smb but cannot get access to the shared folders as it fails on username and password even for server admin. It looks like a permissions problem. Not much information about on connecting macs. This is the first post i've seen with exactly the same problem.
    • Client Pc Shows Offline In Server 2012 Dashboard But Is Connected To The Domain
      Solved: Set client PC DNS to Server. Set alternate DNS to Google :  Rerun ClientDeploy.exe Server now sees both clients and Backups are complete.  Lets see if it sticks. 
    • Question on clients connected to the domain (and WSE in general)
      I was able to on my Surface that I connected to the domain.  
    • How to setup up a VirtualBox VM to run on boot?
      So finally got my server up and running (thanks for all the help here!) and setup a VirtualBox VM running Windows 7.  Its running great, but I need help with one last step.  I mainly set up this VM so that when I need to remote in to do some work, I can remote into a VM and work there rather than on the server itself.  So, in the advent that the server reboots (due to an update or whatever), I need it to boot too.  I saw a way to add it to the start folder under appdata, but that seems like it might only start running once the admin is logged in.  Anyway I can make this thing run as soon as the server boots?   I did buy the Virtualization book from here which was a great help in getting the VM set up, but it didn't have anything to say on that front.
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