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    • It's been a long time but wasn't there a way to host custom drivers on the WHS server? Or maybe add them to the CD? There is one Intel NUC that has vPro. If you have that one, you might be able to get out-of-band KVM working so you could control it remotely. I blogged the vPro part here:  http://www.mcbsys.com/blog/2014/12/set-up-intel-amt-for-remote-kvm/.
    • Has anyone gotten the xfiles 1.3 to work on a machine with only usb 3.0 ports?   I am trying to restore my 2-year-old intel NUC from a V1 server but the original media blue-screens and the xfiles 1.3 doesn't but the USB ports go dead as it is loading and gets to the first selection screen (which I can't select anything since the usb keyboard).    
      Dying as I am trying to restore my media center and I must have recorded my win 8 media center key wrong as it is says it is invalid so I can't rebuild from scratch (and they don't store your purchase and now you can't buy a new $10 one).   Even tried rebuilding using 7 ultimate for for some infuriating reason windows update no longer works on this machine after installing SP1 (tried windows ISO with SP1 already integrated and a original cd w/o and then updating to sp1).
    • Getting this too, after a fresh install and installing all windows updates yesterday.
    • I have a similar setup: Storage Server Essentials 2012 R2 with six clients; three on Windows 7 (one pro and two home) and 3 on Windows 10 (all three home), and I have skipped domain join.  I manually updated yesterday (08/21) without remembering that I had to uninstall the connector first.  Since 14393 is itself a major update, it wiped all prior updates, so I can't uninstall the connector now.  However, there are pieces left behind. I still have the Windows update (KB2790621) that needed to be run before installing the connector for version 1511/10586 (? hope that's right, I'm not at home now), but neither that update nor the connector software will complete.  I fear the old KB2790621 won't work with 1607/14393.51, but there isn't a replacement ready; it's been removed from the download page. Are there any good instructions for manually removing the connector, other than deleting the registry entries for HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows Server and deleting/renaming a couple of folders per this Technet article?
    • Welcome!  And totally understand.     
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