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  1. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic Missing/hidden sub-forum   

    Whoops - I missed that. Hopefully, that should now be fixed, but please let me know either way!
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  2. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic Whs V1 Replacement In 2015   

    You're going to like Windows 10 a whole lot more than Windows 8, I promise. The UI is much closer to an evolved Windows 7 desktop. i.e. Not a car crash. 
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  3. Terry (WGS) added a topic in General Discussion   

    Windows 10 Clients Now Supported
    Am hearing that Build 10162 of Windows 10 Insider Preview now works as a client in WHS 2011. 
    Anyone tried it out? A screenshot of the Dashboard running would be great.
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  4. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic Cpu Advice For Server Upgrade   

    Personally, I think the Core i5 is the sweet spot for a server that's going to be used for transcoding jobs. The T-class CPUs definitely offer lower TDPs - at the expense of a little performance - but in the real world, I'm not sure how big that cost savings would be. I think the i5-4690S is a great choice.  
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  5. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic Whs V1 Replacement In 2015   

    Maybe the lower-end NUCs, but a Core i5 NUC is pretty formidable. It would be my HTPC of choice. 
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  6. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic Strange Renderng Issues   

    Thanks for the heads up - anyone else seeing this issue?
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  7. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic Browsing Smb Shares   

    No, the share points should be visible when shared with SMB or AFP. May be a permissions issue? 
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  8. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic Easyphp And Apache Server With Ws2012R2E   

    Now you have to post instructions here for everyone to check out. New rule ! 
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  9. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic How To Delete Storage Pool From 2012 R2 Essentials?   

    If you have the book, start reading from Page 492 :-) You need to remove the drives from the storage pool first (in Control Panel's Storage Spaces applet) then you'll be able to delete the storage space, and following that, the pool. 
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  10. Terry (WGS) added a topic in Security   

    How To Install Shlage Connect
    If, like me, you're more used to hammering out fast network speeds on computers than actually using a hammer to, you know, <em>build stuff</em> then upgrading your abode with the latest smart home kit is going to require some thought - and a lot of research.   Sure, you can get an installer in to sort it out for you, but where's the fun in that?   Following last week's look at installing the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, today, we bring you a video that covers a slightly more complex job - fitting a smart lock.   In this case, we've selected Schlage Connect. The good news is that the only tool you'll definitely need to fit the Schlage Connect is a Phillips screwdriver - that said, to get the job done perfectly, it'll be worth having a tape measure, flathead screwdriver, a pencil, a block of wood (yes, really) and a hammer on hand. Power drills aren't required, and indeed aren't advised as they can easily damage the lock.   Installing the lock is performed in a number of steps - before you get started, you'll need to check your door alignment with the door frame to ensure the deadbolt will be able to extend automatically into the frame. If you currently need to jiggle the door to close or lock it, the door or frame will need to be adjusted before you attempt to install the lock.   You'll also need to check a number of measurements and dimensions on the door and its frame - for example, the thickness of the door is an important factor in ensuring the lock will fit. Thicker doors may need a thick door kit accessory, which is available from Schlage. Make sure to take a note of your current crossbore and backset dimensions to ensure the new lock will fit any existing apertures. The bolt too may need to be adjusted to ensure it fits securely into the backset.   Once the bolt and strike is fitted into the door (a gentle tap with the hammer and block of wood is handy here to ensure the bolt is fitted securely) you can get to work fitting the electronic elements of the smart lock - the touchscreen assembly and support plate. Drop in the batteries, set up the touchscreen locking codes and you'll be ready to test.   Sounds easy? Well, to many I'm sure it is, but if it's your first time disassembling a door lock and installing a new one then you'll want to take it step by step. Fortunately, Schlage has produced a detailed step by step installation video to watch in advance and has published <a href="http://www.schlage.com/en/home/support/how-to-center/installation-manuals-templates.html"target="_blank">an installation guide on their website</a> - both great sources of research before you take the first step.  
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  11. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic I Like The "new" Forums Layout.   

    Thanks for the feedback, bobbyc - it's a continual battle to keep things easy to navigate and ensure that everyone's posts get viewed! :-)
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  12. Terry (WGS) added a topic in Temperature Control   

    How To: Install The Nest Learning Thermostat
    If the recent explosion in smart home devices has piqued your interest, the prospect of dealing with electrical cables and home improvement tools, alongside your usual home networking grappling, may offer a new challenge.   So, over the coming weeks I'll be digging out and publishing some how to guides and videos to help you understand what's required to install some of the more popular smart home devices. If it all feels too complex, I'm sure a local professional installer will help you out - but take it step by step and self-installation is a real option.   To kick off, watch this video of how to install the Nest Learning Thermostat. It will require you switching off the electricity supply for your HVAC for a short time, but from there it's a simple matter of removing your old thermostat (labelling the existing electrical connections), fitting the Nest Learning Thermostat and reconnecting those same wires.   I love the little touches provided by Nest to make installation simple - the peel-out labels provided in the manual for your wires, the bundled screwdriver, the spirit level integrated into the mount.     Once you have the Nest Learning Thermostat installed, power it on and get it set up!      
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  13. Terry (WGS) added a topic in Security   

    How To: Install Nest Protect In Your Home
    Yesterday, I posted videos which walked through the installation and setup of the Nest Learning Thermostat. Today, it's the turn of Nest Protect, the popular smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.   Again, depending on the model selected, installation requires you to disconnect your electricity supply, so if you're not comfortable doing this then be sure to contact a professional installer. A battery-powered version of Nest Protect is also available.   Two videos are published here - for North America (120V) and the UK (230V) - you'll se the wiring requirements are slightly different, but the overall plan is similar.   Let's install Nest Protect! First, North America (120V):   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez7p6Mj-r3o   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpydSzE7mR8   Now, the UK (230V with suitably plummy voiceover):   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTk6_kLC60c   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIUL8ZPyA54   Finally the Nest Protect battery-powered model.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBKkXATtH08   If you've recently installed a smart home device like Nest Protect, or you're thinking of doing so and have a question, why not check out our new smart home forums where you can connect and share your experiences with our knowledgable and friendly community experts?
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  14. Terry (WGS) added a topic in Smart Home Platforms   

    Logitech Opens Up Control With Harmony Api For Smart Home Integration
    Logitech this week announced the launch of a new API that will help smart home device manufacturers integrate their products with the company's Harmony Living Home Controls.
    The new Control With Harmony API already has a number of partners on board. SmartThings, IFTTT, Ivee, Myo armband, Playtabase, and UCIC, creators of the Ubi, have already begun development with the API, bringing new home control features to the home.
    Logitech estimates that Harmony’s products are connected with over 270,000 devices including Samsung, Apple, Roku, LG, Sony, Nest, Philips hue, Lutron lights and blinds, Honeywell and many others. These are predominately home entertainment devices which can be controlled with a range of Harmony Remote Control products available today - the company is now seeking a broader push across the entire range of smart home devices.
    “We know that entertainment is critical to the smart home experience, and will be a main driver for mass adoption of smart home products,” said Mark Spates, head of the smart home platform for Logitech Harmony. “By opening our platform to developers, we’re giving developers the ability to create complete smart home experiences that include the living room, knowing that their entertainment component will offer the same flawless experience that consumers have come to expect from Harmony.”
    Developers seeking to join the Control With Harmony API beta can sign up at http://www.myharmony.com/discover/harmony-api/
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  15. Terry (WGS) added a post in a topic Whs V1 Replacement In 2015   

    What he said.
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