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      Hi everyone, We're coming up to We Got Served's ten year anniversary and I've been taking a good look at the site to work through some plans for the future. I wanted to give you all a couple of weeks notice that I'll be closing WGS Forums at the end of this month.  As you'll be aware, the forums were opened to support Windows Home Server users and have done so brilliantly, thanks to everyone's participation. However, with each day that passes, there are fewer and fewer WHS deployments out there, meaning that forum registrations and traffic has now dwindled. I've tried a few times over the years to test some forums on related or adjacent topics, however, they simply haven't caught on. It's clear that these were always going to be predominately Windows Home Server forums and, with the passing of that platform, they've served their purpose well. So, please take some time to archive anything you need over the next two weeks. Access to the forums will end on Jan 31st 2017. Many, many thanks once again for your participation and support here. It's been a great community! Very best wishes Terry


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  1. Im thinking about replacing the N54L (mostly because I hate AMD but thats another topic). The new box would run ESXi 6.0 so needs to be compatible and ready. Besides that, it would have two main functions: Router (pfSense) and 1080 media streaming (Windows Server 2012 R2/WMP) I already have the 2 NIC PCI-E card that would be used for the router. I also have the the disks for storage; They would be simply moved to the new server. I boot ESXi off a USB and currently I have a 500GB or 750GB (not sure) for the datastore. I might replace that with a 500GB Evo SSD The N54L has 16GB of RAM and I need at least that (I do labbing on ESXi as well but its not 24/7). I do need the N54L to be quiet. It sits in my room and after some time,, the fan is now noticeable compared to my PC with 3 Noctua fans. I spent about 500 euros on the N54L so thats my limit. Besides that, any questions I will answer. Also, Im thinking about it. Might not replace it after all.
  2. Yeah, thats gonna be a no. I can perfectly steam a 1080 no issues. The problem is that sometimes, for whatever reason, other processes hog the CPU. So, what I would like is to make sure that WMP's streaming service always has full priority over the CPU. I agree the AMD in the N54L is a piece of ****. Noone is going to debate that. Having said that, I havent had issues with streaming from it.
  3. I do not hace 4 physical cores. Would not make much of a difference. The VM has I think 10 or 12 GB assigned.
  4. Video (movies). 1080. Nothing higher. Storage is presented as pass through. Reading off vSphere Client, it has 1 virtual socket with 2 cores per socket.
  5. Everything is fine except for the HDDs. I dont know if you are going to run backups but use NAS dedicated HDDs.... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236343&cm_re=WD_Nas_2TB-_-22-236-343-_-Product Its 3 bucks more! I thought it was going to be more expensive but dont even think about it. Get the WD Reds!!!!!
  6. Im using the full version of Windows Server 2012 R2 on ESXi. I have it all working but I would like to tune it for storage and network streaming of movies. I store files as well on there but maybe AV and/or other processes (BT sync) bog it down and video is choppy even when streaming over a ethernet connection. If the WS is doing nothing, performance is fine. Can someone help with fine tuning it?
  7. I want to replace the fans on the N54L with Noctua fans which are quiet. Obviously there are several in the 120mm range. Any luck and/or guide with them (yes, I have seen the generic one) How about the 40mm PSU one? Noctua has the NF-A4x10 FLX
  8. Gen7s are on pretty good offers still This just gives you the option of going Xeon.
  9. I just got one. Any questions and I will TRY to answer them as quick and as best as possible.