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  1. Those steps worked perfect. Thanks very much!!!
  2. I am getting ready to move to WHS 2011 and am using a 2nd older system to build a new installation WHS v1 by using WHS BDBB to backup the BDB and then restore on the new WHS v1. This way I can reload current hardware with 2011. My added question to this thread is that do I need to re-install the connector on my workstations so they get added to WHS first or does the restore of the DBD recreate the clients in WHS? What is the order of restoring the DBD and adding clients to the new build of WHS v1? Thanks
  3. No, that is not what WHS is all about. But it would be nice if they made backing up the Home Server the same as backing up the workstations. You can't install the connector software on the Home Server. It is a manual backup. Hence why I am asking of someone has made a plug-in to kick off the backup of the Home Server.
  4. Is there a plug-in for automating the backup of the WHS? Would love to set and forget like it does the workstation backups. Or does anyone have a method to cause the backup to happen on a schedule? Thanks