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  1. No, I think there was a link a download place. I think I got scared of as the word torrent was mentioned? Maybe I am wrong. How does it work? It does not seem to mention Customer PC Recovery but Server Recocvery, when I found the thread in the forums. Do you have an answer to my three questions DJ?
  2. I am also in the process of recover a Windows 7 PC after having changed harddisks (to a larger one in order to accommodate W7 and W8 in two seperate partitions). I have had some issues with the network files but most likely I have overlooked that I need the 32-bit files and not 64-bit. So I will test that shortly. But what I am a bit worried about is that, althought I have copied all drivers from the Dell driver and software disc, the recvovery disk only sees a wireless mini card and then it does not get to the server, it does not find an ethernet based network card which also is there on the computer. My thoughts; a) When I enabled the wirelsess connection in W7 did I automatically disabled the ethernet network card and port? When recover the hard disc contents from a previous backup can I, is it possible to, recover via the wireless network or do I have to use an ethernet cable? c) For best results, do I connect the PC through a cable to the server or can the cable be attached to a switch? I seldom do recoveries on any of the PCs I support and I forget between times. I appreciate all answers. PS I forgot to mention, that the backup is on a generation 1 HP MEdiasmart 475 server and it runs WHS v1.
  3. I have attached a Seagate external harddrive to my HP X510 and it worked for a while but for the last three weeks it is unsuccessful because it is reported as offline. I believe this happened after a regular update of WHS 2011. I have not been able to bring it back to life. Would it be as simple as disconnecting the USB, deleting the configuration for the external disk and re-attach it again and once again set it up?
  4. I keep my fingers crossed that you are right, maxblack.
  5. Thanks Drashna Jaelre, On another note concerning WHS. In a Swedish forum the moderator there replied to a question if they at MMS had discussed Windows Home Server at all, considering Windows Server 2012 was mentioned by Brad Anderson in his keynote. The moderator's reply was, short and simple, that Windows Home Server has been closed down. Have you heard the same or anything alike that there will be no 3rd version of Windows Home Server, that we once again need to decide where to go?
  6. Ihave not used it on an X48x but a storageworks X510. I encountered the greyed button for download but clicking it again I get to place where I shall download an installer. After having installed it my health light still blinks. AM I to restart the server for this to take effect?
  7. Thanks BobbyC. I have to go looking for the add-ins then. I probably have time to do this during the coming week.
  8. After a year's inactivity, I have once again fired up my X510 and it seems to work. First, with the help of the support people over in Canada, I was able to RESTORE v1 to a new 2 TB disk and I let it run for a couple of days with 2 new 2 TB drives. No problem, all leds had a steady acquaish/bluish light also the health led. The leds for the harddisks also shone a steady acquaish light. Everything was good. Then I made the decision to transfer to WHS 2011 on that particular server (on April 24) and after having struggled quite a lot and in desperation copied the installation DVD to the harddisk and rebooted it, it was possible to 1. Add a USB DVD-player and 2. Install WHS2011. AS far as I can remember that first harddisk did not get the health led to flash. After that I have attached a standalone harddisk to do the server backup and added 2 extra harddisk. The server has not asked to format either of the two extra harddisks and only one of the two is visible. But that is another problem I will deal with later. The main problem: The Health Led (third led from the left and closest to the reset hole and the USB port) is blinking and the light is ACQUA. It is not feverishly FLASHING attention, more like indicating that something is going on, a steady, calm, blinking. I have three computers out of four hooked up and only 30 minutes ago all three have been been backed-up for today without any warnings. The server backup also works fine and has for the last three days. So what does the blinking light indicate? (Also, for now I have not installed any of the add-ins I had previously before the restoring and new installtion so I can't check anything.)
  9. OK. Let's see if this is another uninteresting topic, dated and every-one-knows-it-all-ready. While we all talked about (and I since then forgot) that WHS v1 DID NOT upgrade to WHS2011 like an internal upgrade but had to be installed afresh, what about WHS2011 to Windows Server 2012 Beta? And then further when it is commercially released? Is it just as awkward? Has information been released?
  10. I am giving up my attempts to re-use my HP X510 to run WHS 2011, in spite of the fact that I have purchased the VGA + PS2 Keyboard + PS2 Mouse + Serial assembly kit in order to help me watch how the installation comes along on my monitor and also in spite of the fact that I own a DVD-version of the product as well as having downloaded the .ISO file for transfer to a bootable USB stick. Nothing has worked for me. The solution is probably VERY simple, one which I ought to have figured out by myself, but I am giving up. I'll stick to v1 on my X510 and go ahead and TRY to build my own server to test Windows Server 2012 Beta (Windows 8 Server Beta renamed) from newly purchased seperate components. But I am curious as to how you, who succeeded to install WHS 2011 on a headless server and especially on an X510, went about it. 1. First of all, did you use the installation file or the restore file? In the first case I suspect you were able to install from a media. 2. What media did you use; a bootable USB, a DVD player hooked up via one of the USB ports, a DVD player from another computer and the two computers hooked up direct via an ethernet cable or did you copy to the bootable /system harddisk outside of the server, which you then slipped into to bay 1. 3. for v1 it is said that the system needs at least 80 GB to be able to run and for WHS 2011 that is the double amount 160 GB. Is that the minimum harddisk amount or just the minimum amount for the recovery partition? If you have a larger harddisk as your system harddisk will the installation make use of that and re-partition your harddisk at the moment of installation or will it halt because there is a smaller recovery partition than it needs? 4. Now, as for installing from a bootable USB do you have to make the server USB aware and boot from the USB instead off the harddisk? Is it the same procedure as on a desktop or laptop, where you need to enter the BIOS menu to change that? If so what is the key combination to enter the BIOS Menu on an X510? The two options I see flashing by (F3 and F11) do nothing at all. Did you hook it up to a monitor (as I have done) or did you diddle with a .ini file to include all your options? 5. If installation is done by using the restore file/restore DVD/ restore USB is it the same procedure as for restoring v1; hook up the server to a computer, connect them with a direct ethernet cable and not through a switch or a router, start the restore media, start the server and get it into retsore mode? Maybe the answers to these questions could be pinned in the forum so others would be able to make use of the information? Maybe as an extensive manual or how-to-guide?
  11. A few more months later. I had forgotten what I had done to the server apart from knowing it was not running any kind of Windows Home Server. After a long chat with the MediaSmart Storageworks support people in Canada today I have restored it back to v1 PP3 with all tghe latest updates. But I am eager to change to Windows HomeServer 2011. Now I have received and installed the graphics, mouse and keyboard thing so I would probably be able to run the installation without any problems. What I am thinking about now is which of several options is the best to use when to upgrade. 1. I have a USB prepared to be bootable and to contain the WHS 2011. It is not ready yet because some files did not copy right to the USB (from an OEM disc). 2. I have an OEM disc. Could I use that in a DVD drive with a USB connection to perform the upgrade? 3. The MediaSmart Storageworks support person suggested that I should make a system recovery to boot up the server. That entails connecting the server directly to a computer with a short ethernet cable, insert the recovery disc and get the server into recovery mode. Could that method be used to upgrade the X510 from v1 to WHS 2011? I appreciate all suggestions. Further observations on April 12: I attached a stand alone DVD-drive via a USB cable and placed the disc in the caddie. It showed up, but when I double clicked on the Setup file it reported back correct file wrong format for this machine. Still need suggestions. After several attempts on April 16: I have transferred the ISO file (downloaded from Technet) to a USB prepared to be bootable. It's a Kingston DataTraveler G2 16 GB. That model is one of the USB models I hate, because it is the model where you have to push to make the connector appear (if that is the correct word) and it always feels like it is never properly inserted. Anyway, I have tried and tried to boot from this USB stick, insrted in the front, inserted in the back. But the server boots off the hard disk anyway. Eventhough I suspect there is a F3 or F11 to press att upstart time neither of these options result in another menu where I can choose boot from USB instead of boot from hard disk. Let the suggestions come!
  12. My HP Workstorage X510 has 4 harddisk bays. If I want to extend that amount of disk space how do I do that? There is a wonderful bargain here in Sweden for a Netgear NAS and two 2TB drives for roughly 500 USD and I was wondering if a NAS could be attached to the home server as the extension. IS it possible? If not, what do I need to add extra drives (think at least four extra drives!)
  13. That topic died very suddenly. I am trying to get some insight into how I could change my HP X510 DataVault from version v1 to WHS 2011. I have removed all my old disks and inserted two new ones 2 TB each. The HP is headless so my first problem is to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the case. I know there is a thingamejug that can be attached with graphics, keyboard and mouse outlets. I have a copy of the information on that somewhere and that is one option. But I have also read about a chap that used the primary disk in a USB dock, install WHS 2011 onto that until finishing touches such as updates, pushing the drive into the caddie and into HDD 1 place in the HP case and that is something I can't make happen. It only displays the hard disk (Primary disk 0) on my laptop from where I am trying to install the WHS 2011 OEM from and that is definitely NOT the disk I want to use. At the moment I am too tired to think straight so any ideas how I should go about this? Edit September 29: I found this in Swedish and this from the HomeServer Show: in English. It all comes down to a bootable USB, transfer the OEM files to that USB and adding a cfg.ini file And wytco0 - I am going to perform this upgrade/installation on an X510. have read that it runs well on the X510.
  14. My x510 died (both hard drives) on me so I have to make the decision to re-install v1, install a new WHS 2011 on the x510 or start the home build project for the WHS 2011. I am leaning towards doing both, right now. But I am curious about the RAM. There is only one memory slot and when I go looking for 4 GB of memory (800 Mhz PS2-6400) I can't find anything. They all stop at 2 GB for single memories. What brand did you choose and where did you buy it?
  15. I seem to have the same problem. For the last 2 and a half months I have not been able to make a backup of either of my two working computers (the only ones on the same network as my server). All the front lights have been blue, disk indicate blue as well. But the connector has been greyed all the time. On the occassion that I would turn the server on and off it has come back to life for a short while before the connector is once again greyed out. I have been changing net cables and it is the same. Yesterday I thought that everything was back to normal but this morning the status light is RED. In an attempt to start all over again I used the Server Recovery Disc (3.0) but an error message appears reading that it can't configure the firewall on the client. What does that indicate? That I should go into the router (which the server is not hooked up to but a switch) or is it just a friendly warning suggestion that I should do something in Windows 7?