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  1. Do you install the SyncProvider for that Addin? Prerequisite Software: SyncBerry is based on Microsoft SyncFramework 2.1. It is necessary to install the Sync Framework 2.1 Redistributables on the Server.
  2. for your info: this is the last Version and i do not continue this development. there will be a new addin available that use the jdownloader2
  3. Yes, SyncToy use the same SyncFramework from Microsoft. SyncBerry is intergrated in the Dashbaord with functions like scheduler and logview.
  4. There is a new synchronizing Addin SyncBerry for the Windows HomeServer 2011 and i am looking for some Beta Tester before i release this Addin to the Community. Target is to find Bugs, testing the functionality and feedback. More Info Please drop me a mail or ping me here.
  5. Hi, I have Some problems with the pixelvalley Mail in the Last Weeks, so i dont get your Mail. For your Info, in the next One or two Weeks there will be a bigger Update with Some extented Windows Service. But please contact me directly@ or so we can Look into the issue Christof
  6. Hi, what Version do you use and have you the same problems with the megaupload Free Account?
  7. Some Updates Release Notes 08 May 2011 - Build 0.5.425 new Filehoster (Download) Release Notes 22 May 2011 - Build 0.5.451 new Filehoster (Download) Release Notes 29 May 2011 - Build 0.5.461 new Filehoster (Download) Release Notes 05 June 2011 - Build 0.5.498 Rapidshare Filehoster support extended to free Download new Filehoster (Download) Release Notes 19 June 2011 - Build 0.5.594 support extended to free Download (Download)
  8. You'll find a weekly build of the Server Transfer-Manager every sunday with new bugfixies and new functions. Release Notes 01 May 2011 - Build 0.5.389 fixed - Transfer Settings (Username/Passwort decryption) fixed - Transfer Settings (Username/Passwort edit) fixed - TransferService Download stabillity new Filehoster (Download) (3,44 mb) Release Notes 08 May 2011 - Build 0.5.410 new Filehoster (Download) new File Option (Download: all Files,only new Files) explanation follows in the Guide
  9. I would like to introduce you to the new Server Transfer-Manager for the next Windows Home Server (Vail). This is an early Screen, so some Details on the GUI may change. The Server Transfer-Manager is designed to organize the downloads and uploads on your Home Server. If you want to transfer large files between two Servers, this addin is for you. It supports the most popular filehosters with the http and ftp protocol and you can also automatize your file transfers. Using the open WCF Interface, it is also possible to connect with a third device to get an overview and manage your files. If you have suggestions, wishes or other great ideas to make this Add-in better, now would be the best time to tell me. Screen and more Infos here and @Server Transfer-Manager
  10. There is a new Version available. Please Post Comments,Suggestions or Bugs here or on the Website WHS Download Manager
  11. There´s a new Version available. Some bugfixes and Upload Support to Rapidshare --> Free/Collector´s and Premium Accout Server can shut-down when all Download Finished or at selected Time
  12. In the next Update ( in a few days) there is as support for free/collector and Premium User to Upload the Files to Rapidshare
  13. There´s New Version ! Rapidshare Premium and FREE Download with the Download Manager Update for V2.8 Rapidshare Free User Bug
  14. good news for me.. but what Update do you mean?