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  1. Ed, there's is a fix, see here, http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4025-intel-82579v-nic-on-ga-z77x-ud5h-and-other-motherboards-with-server-oss/, you have a desktop board, trying to install a server OS, and Intel want's to be a pain in the arse. Start with this thread, I had the same problem with the Intel 82579V, the same fix is available for your nic as well, slightly different change, but its a simple copy and paste with in the driver config file. do some searching, and you'll find the fix. Here's another link, http://www.ivobeerens.nl/2013/06/24/enable-the-intel-i217-v-nic-in-windows-server-2012/
  2. Just wanted to add my experience, I went from an Asus H68 MB to a Asus Z77, I first booted the server with a spare HDD and did a restore from backup, loaded all the new drivers. Worked like a charm, added my original OS drive as is from my previous build, booted, added the new drivers been running now for maybe 6 weeks. amazed how easy it was, but 4-5 days later I was prompted to activate windows, so I cringed that the activation might fail, but it went through successfully. So hopefully on my next fresh install, I want have to worry about the activation process again. yeah, had the same issue, but unless you are the first person to buy the desktop mother board with a particular Intel Nic, some one has already figured out the fix, but sure, with an unlimited budget, agreed a server board would cause fewer headaches. But this hobby gets expensive quick, I like to keep my costs down where I can, and a desktop MB will save you $50-100 bucks out of the gate, but it's also good to Google your MB before hand to see what issues others are having, so you know what you're getting into.
  3. first to see if someone else has already given it a whirl. you can also use the AMIBCP" version 3.46 tool to explore the bios and see what if any of the options have change, or even if the old instructions are still valid meaning can you make the same changes. their is always a chance that you could brick your system, Here's some information on why you might need to upgrade. but there's no mention of someone trying to mod the bios, but i'm sure some one has tired, as the bios have been out for quite some time. http://homeservershow.com/hp-proliant-microserver-bios-flash-sp64420.html here you go http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3397-modified-bios-for-microserver-n40l-enables-hidden-features/page-22
  4. It's been long time, but you could download the the new bios, and there's a tool that will let you do all hacks, well, not necessarily hacks, but they allow you to expose all those options so once installed on the the server, you can go in an make the changes to enable ACHI plus port multiplication on the external esata. I'll see if I can find the old message that provides details on how to mod the bios. but on the other hand is there any reason to upgrade the bios? Update Here's how to create your own mod bios, I was able to do this with these instructions, and I'm not the smart. Here's how you enable port multiplication for the esata. If you really want to install the latest bios, follow the mod bios instructions and see what options are already active, really cool you can browse through the bios and see all the options and stuff that are available.
  5. go to computer manager right-click on the disk in question if is not GPT there will be a option to initialize as GPT. But this will wipe the disc.
  6. Not really an answer to your questions, but why not use Drivepool, and put all 3 X 3TBdisks in the pool with folder duplication? then you have resiliency, plus the available storage of all 3 Drives.
  7. Ha, maybe we should start a new thread for the ugliest case, but I got my system with new MB, case, hot swaps bays etc. installed over the weekend. After testin on anther disk, and doing a restore from the old MB setup, I booted using my HDD from the old system with out a problem installed all the drivers, and its working without a clean install, now I did get a little worried when I was ask to activate windows, which I thought was strange, said I had 3 days, so crossed my fingers, and it activated with out issue. now, I have two additional sata ports for a total of 12, 8 on the MB, and 4 from an add on card.
  8. I wouldn't say overkill, as we have no idea what you plan to do with your server. Regarding the MB, I'd love to have a real server board, but I don't know what it would do for me to justify the extra cost, I just picked up an open box P8Z77-V, which turned out to be brand new, other than the sticker saying open box, all the internal cables, manuals were still sealed, got it for $80, and there's a $30 rebate, sure there are some work arounds I had to do for the nic driver, but i'm up and running, and I'm thinking you'll need ECC memory, but don't quote me on that, and the proc is awesome too, it you plan to do any on the fly transcoding, but note your that proc does not have on board graphics. This combo will server (no pun intended) you well for the next 5-8 years with out a doubt. Sure you can throttle it back some, but you want some overkill in your build to future proof yourfor a few years. Looking for something less expensive with 6 sata ports, I'm sure you can find a desktop board for around $100, an a nice proc in the$100 (i3)- $150(i5) range. You got a nice case and in the ITX realm there aren't a lot of options. I just out grew my chenbro, it will be hitting ebay soon.
  9. super nice choices, talk about an unlimited budget.
  10. It's your call, but typically building your own will allow more of custom fit maybe a few more headaches but that's part of the fun, but the HP Mircosever G8 is still an option, plus any number of entry level tower servers similar to the one Ian is using, lenovo also has has few options at an affordable price. As far as building your own, the Silverstone is nice, but @150, they are really proud of their design, going a little larger you can go with the Fractual Design R4, pay attention to the sales, it can be had for $80 or less. another mini ITX is this chenbro. I happen to be using this one, for the price it's ok, on the expensive side but you do get a hot swap cage and a PSU, if you are using anything other than a low power proc, I'd definitely recommend a new PSU. I have 5 X 2.5" drives plus the 4 X 3.5, took some creativity, but it's worked well for over two years. Also, if you like the idea of having hot swap bays, look for any PC or Server case that has external 5.25" bays, typically 3 bays, can accommodate a hot swap bay like this one., I've picked up two of these, newegg had fire sale on these a few weeks ago, I've yet to try them out but the build quality is ok for the price they were running $28 each. and they came with really nice sata cables, that was the best part. the hotswap bays will increase your cost, but I like the idea of having the drives easily accessible, and individual HDD activity lights is nice as well for troubleshooting, etc. buts it's more of a nice to have than a need. Good Luck
  11. Here's my new super ugly case. I mean really fugly and really large, no idea where I'm going to put it, that's what she said.
  12. Hey big rod (that's what she said), how are things going with the P8Z77 MB, I'm going to rebuild my server with the same board, after a failure, and I'm seeing some serious issues with the intel NIC and USB 3, asmeidia are fine. I'm starting to sweat a bit but again, it's it was early 2012 when the board was first released, so I'm hoping there are better/newer drivers, as I was looking for a board as close to what I had, P8h67, so that I can get away with just a MB swap, using the same memory, proc, etc, but as anyone can guess, you're only going to find one of those used. So went with new P8Z77. should start my build this weekend.
  13. with both the mobile app, and in a web browser, there's is a status bar with plex, and it works amazingly well, I've tested it with up to 3 hd quality streams, on 3 different devices on my lan. Keep an eye out on media browser server, it has a way to to go, but supposedly will stream ISO's as well. but the iphone app, is only partially functional, the ipad app, which is paid, for the most part works, but don't have an ipad, so i can't personally coment, it's all a work in progress. You might be out of luck with DVDFAB, they been cut off, US domain terminated, and issued for a lack of a better word a cease and desist by US federal courts. What's available now will not rip BD's. At least from a US domain, you can't purchase the real deal.
  14. check the audio track you ripped, typically the HD, dts, or what ever the best audio is the first track, and it's possible that's the issues, try checking only the stereo audio track. instead of screwing around with the TV, you might have better luck picking up a raku, or similar for $50 bucks, or even an apple TV if your an apple person. And Mymovies is not going to do much for you if your streaming only to your TV, if you were using MCE for example, my movies would be a good choice for movie/video management, launching 3rd party players, etc, and I believe you can use it's meta data for other media players, but you get to the point where there are other free options, like metabrowser, Mediabrowser, or XMBC, but again, I don't think this will work with your TV. I have a Dseries Samsung TV and you should have a plex app in the smart hub, or you can download it, install plex server on your PC, and you can stream this way too, I've not tried it, so can't comment on the results. I use plex only on my mobile devices, and it to work great on wifi and GSM. You can use the plex app on apple TV too. Plex enables all your media on just about any platform you have, IOS, Android, Windows, Window Phone.
  15. Drive pool has been prime time for over 2 and a half years on the WHS 2011, and over 1 year on all other windows platforms, I'm talking about the official release, not the beta's.