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  1. I've been searching the net high and low for a simple sidebar gadget (Windows 7 or Vista) that shows basic data from my WHS box : uptime, cpu load, disk space etc. I can find tons of gadgets that display this data for the client pc but I have not been able to find any that show data from the server. I found an earlier thread on this (http://forum.wegotserved.com/index.php/topic/794-whs-sidebar-gadget/page__p__4176__hl__%2Bdvue3+%2Bpro__fromsearch__1#entry4176) which did not seem to identify any usable gadgets apart from "dVUE3 Pro" which however is not tracable anywhere anymore not even on the author's website. It's kind of odd that apparently such a gadget does not exist, when gadgets for all other kinds of useless purposes (search this, search that) are abundant. Simple tools such as Microsoft's PSInfo can extract the data easily from the WHS to it's really just a matter of showing the data in a gadget. Anyone know of any solution?