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  1. Well this is weird. I can get to the login screen from any browser EXCEPT the ones at work... I have tried to delete the cookies and nothing...Chrome and IE both....grrrr... Any thoughts?
  2. I'm not at home so I can't answer.... It seems like I remember a .Net update...that's the only one that jumps out at me... I will report back...
  3. So today I ran windows update and I had about 10 critical and 8 optional updates...which I did. After the needed reboot, I get the attached error...from every browser: "Cannot connect to Remote Web Access. Please contact the person who manages the server." The weird thing is I can still connect and log in with my iPhone... Any ideas?
  4. After a reboot I couldn't access by box anymore by name - just by IP... I remoted into the box and looked at the Event Viewer and saw this bonjour error: "Bad service type in SERVERNAME._digiarty_streamer._tcp.local. Application protocol name must be underscore plus 1-14 characters. See <http://www.dns-sd.or...rviceTypes.html>" Any ideas? Thanks in advance... -Mike
  5. So the solution to this problem is to get AVAST and remove McAfee??? Really? This is frustrating - I am getting the same blue screen...it tries to load as I see it flash up the Windows Server splash box - but then goes directly to the blue screen...
  6. I am getting this same thing - I log in through the website (my work PC does NOT have the client installed) and I get: "Offline or Sleeping" For all my PC's... This worked a few days ago.