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  1. Whs Reboots With Esata

    Ok so I'm at the point now where I need to pull my OS drive and replace it with something bigger. I got a hold of an eSata external to back all my data up on to so I don't lose any data during the swap since i'm going to have to reload the OS naturally. I plugged in the eSata external to my HP server and then powered the server on. The server will post, start to load windows and reboot. I unplugged the external and powered the server on, let it load all the way in to Windows. Plugged in the eSata device and the computer reboots about 5 seconds after. I brought the server back up ran Windows updates, I tried to update the eSata driver but couldn't seem to find one on the HP website. If I can't get this to work I may hook the external up to another computer and push the data to it via a gigabit switch. Any ideas on where I may be able to find an updated Driver? I have the HP Ex470. Thanks.
  2. Anyone Use Their Android Phone (Or Other Phone) With Whs?

    Isn't that interface built in flashplayer though? Everytime I have ever checked the web interface from a pc it comes up in flash. Does it swap to another format for mobile?
  3. Whs Not Balancing?

    I have powerpack 3, but I solved the issue. I made the noob mistake of pulling the data from my old servers hdd by putting it in the new server, going in through RDP and copying the data over manually. Even if you copy data to the extended drive labeled DATA it still dumps it in to the system area. I pulled the data off of the server, created a new share and dumped it in that share through the network and I was good to go
  4. Anyone Use Their Android Phone (Or Other Phone) With Whs?

    I have a Droid running Froyo, and since I now have flash support in the browser I was able to tap in to my server via the HP web interface (build with flash 10) and stream music. Have not tried to stream a movie yet but I thought it was cool that I was able to stream my music to my phone from anywhere.
  5. Hello, I just got my WHS home server up and running. I added three hard drives which are set on a RAID. I started to copy data to the pool but it stopped me after an hour or so and said I was full. I checked and sure enough I have over 1 TB free but for some reason it seems to be dumping everything to my system drive and not balancing at all (other drives pretty much have nothing on them) I downloaded the balance tool I found on here but it fails stating there is not enough free space enough though I cleaned up about 40 gigs on the system drive. Any ideas? Thanks!