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  1. I wasn't sure if I should mention this, since it doesn't necessarily require WHS, but it is somewhat related. I use WHS to store all of my video content, and use XBMC to stream video on my media PC. This app is hands down the coolest application I have ever used in conjunction with my home theater setup, and everyone who's seen it has been blown away. Check it out on Google Code: I had been shopping for Logitech Harmony remotes, but couldn't decide on one. Then I found this app, and decided to skip buying one for now. Granted, you can't control all of your other home theater equipment, but if you use XBMC, and own an Android phone, this is a must have.
  2. Hello, first time poster here! I wanted to share my experience with Android and WHS. I just got the HTC EVO 4G, and have been putting it through the wringer. I found an app on the Android marketplace called MeCanto, which is a cloud-based storage service for streaming music. The service is currently free, and has no limit on the number of songs, or storage space provided. To sum it up, you install a client (on a Windows based PC), after creating an account on their website. You then browse to the folder(s) on your local drives where your music collection is stored, and it creates a database of your available artists/albums/genres, which is accessible online. You can then stream music via HTTP to any web browser via their website, or to your mobile device running their app. They don't specifically list WHS as a supported operating system, but I thought I'd try it out. The application install went through with no issues, but I ran into a minor speed bump when trying to select my Music folder, since the MeCanto app does not accept network locations. I got around this easily by mapping a network drive to my shared Music folder. Avoid browsing to your local drive (ie; d:\shares) when selecting folders, as you should always use the share name when accessing files on WHS (pre-Vail). Within a few minutes, my entire list of artists and songs were available online, and the client started uploading the files to MeCanto's server. Files which have not been uploaded can be streamed directly from your server, provided the client is running and can access the Internet. Once a file is uploaded, you may stream it directly from their server in the cloud, instead of streaming from your WHS. This will be great for those with ISP imposed transfer limits, since once a file is uploaded from your server, you can play it any time without utilizing your personal upstream. So far, I've had a great experience with this service. I'm now trying to find a way to download my files if needed, as this would be a great way to back up my entire collection off-site, for free. If I am successful, I will post a follow up here.