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  1. ^This^ Was going to suggest this as well.
  2. I had actually thought about doing this but couldn't bring myself to start poking holes in a case I had just paid $200 for , plus 5 drives currently works fine for me.
  3. I have this case and it does support an expansion slot but there is no opening on the back of the case (weird design), for me it worked fine because my mobo only had 4 sata ports while the case supports 4 3.5 inch drives and 1 2.5 inch drive so i added a riser card and an internal pci-esata card to connect the 2.5 inch system drive. I would not recommend this case if you need more than 5 drives.
  4. Personally i like smaller faster drives for my system drive (7200 RPM and <500 GB) and larger slower drives for storage (5400 RPM and >1 TB). Personally I prefer WD scorpio black or caviar black because of the speed and the 5 year warranty. Opinions differ and you may get 10 different answers with all of them being correct.
  5. This is like asking if your favorite color should be red or blue... Everyone has their favorites and the one they consider "the best". Personally I prefer WD my boss prefers Seagate our system admin could care less. I've RMA'd drives to both without a hitch. With all things being equal I personally would go with WD. But opinions will differ. PS: Favorite color should be blue.
  6. All PCs, will definitely be doing some streaming. I wasn't aware ex495 had software the standard WHS didn't (will research). I like the looks of the 495 but not quite sure it's worth the asking price vs a custom build.
  7. Greeting all, new to the forums and have a question i could use a little help with. I have the chance to buy a stock ex495 or a custom built in a chenbro case with a core 2 duo and 4gbs of ram. Otherwise the specs are fairly close: both have 4 drive bays, esata, gig nic etc... With the price being just about equal which way would you go? Thanks for the help!! Sean