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      Hi everyone, We're coming up to We Got Served's ten year anniversary and I've been taking a good look at the site to work through some plans for the future. I wanted to give you all a couple of weeks notice that I'll be closing WGS Forums at the end of this month.  As you'll be aware, the forums were opened to support Windows Home Server users and have done so brilliantly, thanks to everyone's participation. However, with each day that passes, there are fewer and fewer WHS deployments out there, meaning that forum registrations and traffic has now dwindled. I've tried a few times over the years to test some forums on related or adjacent topics, however, they simply haven't caught on. It's clear that these were always going to be predominately Windows Home Server forums and, with the passing of that platform, they've served their purpose well. So, please take some time to archive anything you need over the next two weeks. Access to the forums will end on Jan 31st 2017. Many, many thanks once again for your participation and support here. It's been a great community! Very best wishes Terry


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  1. grimstoner.... this is a badass addin...... please fix..... or give me the source i can fix it for everyone. lol i started coding my own utorrent addin. but at this rate i wont have time to finish anytime soon. i realize this does require alot of work to make from scratch. anyways if you need help or anything contact me pharrell69@gmail.com lets get this back online!!!
  2. few weeks? been a few months lol
  3. it wont let me download. keeps telling me to buy it. is it not free?