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      Hi everyone, We're coming up to We Got Served's ten year anniversary and I've been taking a good look at the site to work through some plans for the future. I wanted to give you all a couple of weeks notice that I'll be closing WGS Forums at the end of this month.  As you'll be aware, the forums were opened to support Windows Home Server users and have done so brilliantly, thanks to everyone's participation. However, with each day that passes, there are fewer and fewer WHS deployments out there, meaning that forum registrations and traffic has now dwindled. I've tried a few times over the years to test some forums on related or adjacent topics, however, they simply haven't caught on. It's clear that these were always going to be predominately Windows Home Server forums and, with the passing of that platform, they've served their purpose well. So, please take some time to archive anything you need over the next two weeks. Access to the forums will end on Jan 31st 2017. Many, many thanks once again for your participation and support here. It's been a great community! Very best wishes Terry


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  1. Hi, I recently installed WHS 2011 running on an ML110 G3. All is good and WHS works as I want it, however I'm after some advice on the TV / Media stream & backup. My dilemma is, currently in our lounge we have an old (don't laugh, well not too loudly anyway!) Sony TV, approx. 22 years old! this is hooked up via scart (remember them!) to a BT Vision box, which in turn connects to a HP Gigabit switch and a Draytek Router 2820 hangs off that also, as does a connection to a 500MB Devolo Power line device - this connects up the rest of the house via Power line. In the home office I run a 64-bit Win 7 i5 SSD machine, my wife runs a SONY Win 7 notebook and in the Garage is the HP ML110. I'm planning on scrapping the BT Vision service, as I want to change providers to Entanet as they offer a better unlimited business package which also includes a free fixed IP (BT charge for that) which I would use for VPN direct to the Draytek. The BT Vision box provides access to on demand, Terrestrial and Freeview programs, together with a built in programmable DVR. Obviously when I cancel our contact with BT Vision, the box goes back and we are then left with a 20+ year old TV, no Freeview and no recorder. Therefore, Ideally, I'd like to upgrade the TV, to something like a Panasonic SMART 32" and get a DLNA recorder to record and stream round the house. My question is this, I like the idea of SMART as it would allow me to view iplayer, Netflix etc... on the TV, however, once the BT Vision is gone, a recorder is more of an immediate high priority and simply can't afford to buy a TV as well at the moment. Therefore, I'm hoping someone can suggest a few ideas I can try with regard to connecting everything up. Basically, I'd like to be able to sit in front of the TV, hit a button, which allows me to watch Freeview, iplayer, SMART content, record to a local DVR, stream round the house and backup to WHS 2011... Tall order, I have some ideas already, but as a newbie to the Home Media Streaming side of things, just wondered the easiest route, my assumption is I either need to build a Media Centre box and use it to Archive to WHS, or find a recorder which is HD, streams across a network and has SMART functionality, oh and buy a 21st Century TV! http://www.fetchtv.co.uk/technika-smartbox-8320hd.html Seems to be a comprehensive Smart box, streamer and recorder http://www.johnlewis.com/231202548/Product.aspx My TV of choice Any thoughts or advice mucho appreciated - Please be kind though, I am IT Savvy (Used to work for a MS Gold Partner), but a bit of a 'n00b' when it comes to current Home Media and Streaming devices! Cheers, John (UK)