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  1. Not sure how to RDP to server ? I cannot remote web access to server as this is not turned on (and I cant as described above) I have tried to find port 3389 in the firewall but Norton seems to hide everything, however I have turned the firewall off and this has made no difference to the problem.
  2. Hi, Home server driving me mad, the server is working fine but I can’t access the dashboard from my laptop. (Windows 7 64bit) Yesterday I did the following : Installed Norton 360 on the laptop Attempted to set up remote web access, which stalled at the configure router section, I left for an hour or so but it just stopped in the end I shut down the laptop. I now can’t open the dashboard, I can still see the server and shared drives, but I can’t access via remote web access as its not turned on I can still use the dashboard on another computer which also has Norton installed I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the Launchpad but this has made no difference I just get an error ‘Windows Server Dashboard has stopped working’ it tells me Windows will close the program and notify me if a solution is available, I have not had a notification yet. Any ideas or point me in the direction of how to solve would be much appreciated
  3. I’m new to WHS2011 and trying to set up in my home. I currently have connected to the home network, 3 desktop PC’s 2 Laptop PC’s and a Sony Playstation 3 and an HP server. I have until now had ITunes installed on 1 laptop and use this to connect to a iphone and a couple of iPods. So now I have WHS I was hoping to just have 1 source of music and podcasts this being the server. This I could open any of the computers and they would have my music and podcast library so I could sync to the iphone and iPods, plus play music on any computer. I was also particularly hoping to be able to stream this to the PS3 as this is connected to my main music system, rather than having to plug a iPod into this. I seem to be running into some problems though so any guidance would be appreciated : Firstly the PS3 doesn’t seem to recognise music saved with iTunes, (this currently being saved on a pc rather than the server), the only way I can see the music is to copy a single track from iTunes library and paste into Windows media format (be this on the server or on the PC) so does this mean every time I load an album into ITunes I need to make a 2nd copy into Windows media player ? Secondly when I share a directory on one computer with another all the music appears within both iTunes directories built in the 2nd PC (that does not have the music installed) its just a list and not divided into Albums or Podcasts as per the source iTunes. I haven’t even attempted to try and install ITunes on the Server which I will need to do in order to achieve my ultimate solution, is this possible. I have looked at iTunes server instructions but this seems not to work when you get to iTunes 10. Am I trying to achieve something that is not achievable seems quite simple to me all music and podcast saved on server and each individual device attached to the server uses this data as a source