Help, My Acer Server Shut Down On Me Twice...

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Hi all,

I'm new to this as I just set up my new Acer easyStore over the weekend. I'm liking this WHS a lot, however I noticed that my server shut down twice in the last 2 days, once overnight and once while I was away at work. It completely shut down so that I need to press the power button to boot it up - it seems to only shut down when there are no computers connected to it (ie; my desktop goes into suspend mode). I remote desktop connected in and checked the power options in the control panel, and confirmed they are set to "Server Balanced Processor and Power" and that the Turn off Hard Disk & System Standby are set to NEVER. Is there somewhere else that I need to check that is setting the sever to shut down when not in use?

I suspect the Lights Out add-in, under Client Monitoring, it has WAIT "10" minutes, then "BLANK" (I try to set it to "DO NOTHING") but it doesn seem to stick - in fact the apply button never seems to light up, always greyed out. When I come back to the settings page, I still just get a "BLANK" in the box after the 10mins. Could this add-in be shutting down my server after 10mins of none of my clients being on? There seems to be a new version out, how do I try this version? The Lights Out was incorporated into the system build from Acer, there's no add-in to "uninstall" first before I download the newer version to install as a add-in (is it safe to uninstall from the add & remove applications from the control panel - what if I want it back? - can I just install the newer version over top of the one supplied by Acer?)

Ideally I want the Acer server to suspend (not shut down) when no computers are in use, and wake up upon back up or access by either any computer on the local network or outside web access in. Is this possible? Where would I go to set it to "wake on LAN" (do I need to access the Acer easyStore BIOS?)

It could be just a simple case of not checking some box, but I've looked though the Console dozens of time for an appropriate box to check and haven't found it, please help - does anyone else experience this problem?

Lastly, do I have the Acer Power Management issue:


Does anyone here have this problem?

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Ooops, sorry, I may have found a solution here;


"This release fixes a critical bug which affects only users of ACER Aspire easyStore H340 models. After setting action to shutdown it was no longer possible to modify LightsOut settings." could explain what has been happening.

I'll try it tonight when I get home from work and post my results here for any other unlucky souls ;-)

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    • Please check if task scheduler is still working. If not use this tool here https://repairtasks.codeplex.com/ If that does not help you may try to reinstall WHS Connector.
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