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Help With Media Center Parental Controls

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Hello Everyone,

I need help becasue I don't know what I am doing.

I recently built a WHS out of an old desktop - no problems, it was easy. I ripped several DVD's and put the files in the shared/videos folder on the WHS. We have two TV's, one on a XBOX-360 and the other on a desktop running win7. I have connected Media Center on the desktop to WHS using the "connector" install, and I have setup the xbox as a Media Center "extender". I can watch the movies on the WHS shared folder on either TV with no problems -- its worked great the first time. My problem is that when I rip the movie DVD's to the WHS shared folder, the parental rating info is lost. I am using DVDFab in VOBpassthrough mode to get the original mpeg2 files - I rename them to xxx.mpg and they stream through MC just fine and it looks very good! Our library is small so the file size of the mpeg2 files is not an issue.

My problem is that the Media Center prental controls don't seem work if the rating is missing -- not surprising. Even when I configure Media Center to block unrated movies, they load and play regardless. Is there any way to restore the missing metadata in the video files? Or can I have two video stores, one that is passcode protected and one that isn't?

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum to ask these questions.

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My guess is that it's losing the metadata for the movies. Have you tried ripping them to WMV or the like?

Also, another option is to run mediaBrowser. It grabs metadata from local files or from the web, and has parental controls set up in it.

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