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Windows 7 Disks

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I hate how HP and other companies do not include windows os disks with their computers and system drives are so expensive if you go through the company that made the computer. Windows Vista was great in that all someone needed to reinstall their OS was a new hard drive and the OS disks. You would just type in the code on the sticker on the computer. Nothing really illegal because you bought a legal copy of the OS with your computer and your still just using that one copy just on a different hard drive because the first system hard drive went bad. Vista was even great in that Ultimate, Home Premium, Home Basic, and Home Starter were all on the same disks meaning the OS disk would install the appropriate OS based on the code from the sticker. Now that I explained things in overly simplistic terms I come to my Windows 7 question:

Can I use Window 7 ulitmate disks to install windows 7 home premium using the code from the sticker on a new system hard drive in an HP computer that originally had windows 7 home premium?

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    • In Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials one could set up L2TP PSK using the following guide: Now, when trying to set the server properties in Routing and Remote Access I get the message "Legacy mode is disabled on this Server. Using this UI, you cannot view/modify the Routing and Remote Access server configuration since legacy mode is disabled. Use RemoteAccess PowerShell cmdlets for viewing/modifying the RRAS configuration.  Is there a way to enable legacy mode in WS2016E? If not, any PowerShell gurus out there who could assist before I start doing too much brain damage? 
    • Barber - A little overkill...... yes....   but what the hell, hardware is pretty cheap these days. Plus it probably only cost +$200 for the 2011 v4 processor over an 1150 and plus $100 for a server grade motherboard. I did find the SSD for the OS essential for running SqueezeCenter music server with a music collection of over 100,000 songs. The delay was unbearable without the ssd. This was in a WHS 2011 Sandy bridge i5 - 2500 build, a Samsung 840 pro cured the response time. Plus I am just too damn impatient to wait for anything less than an SSD for the OS.  I pulled the trigger on the hardware this week and everything arrived today for a weekend build...... Thanks for the reply and good luck with your build.
    • Finally........ WSE 2016 OEM just showed up on Newegg earlier this week, and I ordered a copy!!!
    • The direct link works im thinking that it is an issue with the certificate not redirecting as it should I will update when I know more
    • Thanks Krust That's good to know.  I later found out I don't have to join a domain for the clients to work with  WSE-2016 for backups etc. see:- John  
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