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Remote Access To Home Premium Hack

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I thought I was upto the challenge of configuring things so I can remote access my Win7 Home Premium from WHS. Yes I know that Home does not have RDP, but that is easily resolved with this I am able to remote into my PC without issue from Win7 and XP PC's once I ran that. So that is working.

Next step is to trick WHS (SP2) to thinking that the PC is capable of RDP. Through some troubleshooting I was able to figure out that if I change the registry entry below WHS thinks it is capable. Granted this gets refreshed often a simple scheduled batch file will keep that setting.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\Transport\Clients\the client entry----->from there I edit the TerminalServicesSupport key to "DS" versus "OS"

So now WHS shows that my PC is capable, but is states "Connection disabled"

One thing that I researched was if my RDP was configured correctly in the Home Premium PC. With this article, http://www.technize....-and-windows-7/ I confirmed my settings are correct. Additionally considering I am remote into it from both XP and Win7 this should be set correctly.

So this is where I am stuck and since I have commited myself to this hack I have to finish it. By all mean the time I have invested will far outway the $100 upgrade to Pro, but that is not why we do stuff like this.

Any suggestions?

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