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I've been searching the net high and low for a simple sidebar gadget (Windows 7 or Vista) that shows basic data from my WHS box : uptime, cpu load, disk space etc. I can find tons of gadgets that display this data for the client pc but I have not been able to find any that show data from the server. I found an earlier thread on this (http://forum.wegotserved.com/index.php/topic/794-whs-sidebar-gadget/page__p__4176__hl__%2Bdvue3+%2Bpro__fromsearch__1#entry4176) which did not seem to identify any usable gadgets apart from "dVUE3 Pro" which however is not tracable anywhere anymore not even on the author's website.

It's kind of odd that apparently such a gadget does not exist, when gadgets for all other kinds of useless purposes (search this, search that) are abundant. Simple tools such as Microsoft's PSInfo can extract the data easily from the WHS to it's really just a matter of showing the data in a gadget.

Anyone know of any solution?

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I don't have a solution, but I would be very interested in such a gadget.

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    • Probably a simple fix, but when I try to hit my server's web address I just end up at the IIS landing page. Any suggestions? Have set up RWA, Anywhere Access, VPN, etc. 
    • OK made some progress. Looks like one has to change the Windows10 clients to access the WSE-2016 DNS. So in windows 10 I go to networks,  bring up the adaptor setting. Bring up "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IvP4) and instead of "Obtain the DNS address automatically" change it to always get the DNS address on the WSE-2016 (found with ipconfig).  Then within Windows I use System, about, and Join the server DOMAIN.  It now works I can then see the Server files and the server can see the Windows 10 shared files. There are still problems however. When I reboot the Windows 10 client. I have a brand new user screen with only some of my original desktop icons showing.   Do I have to essentially rebuild up everything on my desktop again!  Question: Is the not a way to have my original desktop appear when I am joined to the Domain. Second since there will be times when the server is off I used the router static DNS IP address as the alternative address in the above dialog box of the Windows10 clients.  Seems to work since the client can access the internet even with the WSE 2016 off.   Here is my second question. I have a few home laptops as well.  If I force the DNS to the server what happens when I travel.  Do I have to manually go into the laptop network adaptor settings and change things back to the “Obtain DNS automatically” each time?  There has got to be a better way. Anybody have any ideas. John  
    • Thanks Drummy66, however that does not seem to work with WSE 2016!  Still the same problem Anyone?  
    • Had similar problem with WSE 2012. Solution was to name the Workgroup name same as domain name ie. Workgroup = VITASOFT.
    • My hunch is that it has now been deprecated. Plex is the way to go.
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