Backup Fails With Error Code "2155348010"

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Hi all,

First posting ever to a technical forum, so please treat it kindly..

I have just upgraded from WHS v1 to WHS 2011. The only missing part is to get the backup to external HDDs up and running.

My first aproach was to fire up my trusted WD 2T studio edition II and connect it with ESATA. The disk will not show up in the backup Wizard. but by using Windows Server Backup service under Server Manager i can manage to do a one time backup. When trying to schedule the backups, it fails. I have connected the drives with Esata, USB 2.0 and Firewire, same results. I have also checked the disk with different checking software, the disk is OK.

Edit: i later assigned a Letter to the disk and reformatted it using 512K sectors even that is not the same as byte sectors as described in the thread. Still wont show up in the wizard, but i could selected as a destination using volumes under backup service in Service Manager. At least this disk finally works!

Then i bought a Seagate Goflex 3TB Disk. It shows up in the wizard, but the all the backup fails with the same error code "2155348010"

A very good thread possible explaining the error can be found here: [url=http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/windowsbackup/thread/5d9e2f23-ee70-4d41-8bfc-c9c4068ee4e2/]

From the thread "The windows backup software was designed to work with disks that have 512 bytes per physical sector."

Most high capacity disks today operate with a higher physical bytes per sector number. And its impossible to find that information on the outside of the package when trying to buy a new disk.

Its a list of tested external disks to be found here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/1780.aspx

I have tried to visit a couple of shops to buy one of the recomended disks, but have not found any of them. Could the forum members recomend any external 2T+ disks that works and tell me the preferred way to connect it?

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    • I've got the same problem and used that utility C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server\WHSOOBE.exe. It continue the server installation from entering server name, password, password hint and etc...
    • I used the database repair and clean up that are part of WHS program under settings (2nd photo). I have placed an order for two 2tb external hard drive to connect to my system so I can select to remove the drives one at a time from the system to do a reformat on each to check them. They will be here in a week if that does not work I plan to delete all the existing backups and starting with a new backup of the 2 computers connected to it. It will probably take a while as my current setup (1st photo) is the original 500 gig boot drive that original came with it and 3 internal 2 tb hard drives  plus a 4 slot esata system each with a 2 tb drive and 2 usb 2 tb plus the 2 I am going to be adding so the current total backup capacity is 16.83 Tb with me adding another 4tb. So it may be a while before I can get through all the drives. Will report back how I make out once I am done. If anyone knows a quicker way feel free to let me know. 
    • Hi guys. Resurrecting this thread, as we're coming up on 3 years...and well, life got in the way and I never managed to do any upgrades. I guess the good news is my HP LX195 is still humming as-is. I've since migrated most of my family's data (wife, 5 kids) to their OneDrive accounts, and cross-shared their drives with each other so it's a virtual home network out in the cloud. Not the fastest performance but it beats worrying about backups. Essentially now the only thing I rely on the WHS v1 box for is its Whiist add-in. We still to this day reference our old FrontPage-created family website with pages of the kids' growing up. I'm not into Farcebook or social networking so don't plan to migrate that anywhere anytime soon. QUESTION then - I was thinking of using these holiday discounts to buy a small workstation (again) to do some of the "faster" type of local filesharing we need (photo editing, etc.) But - is there any current Whiist-like solution (basic webserver tools) available in Windows 10, or even Windows 2012/2016 Essentials that I can migrate the directories to? Advice appreciated. Thanks and glad to be back... ENV  
    • What do I need to know? I'm just so tired of all the stupid Windows irritating nonsense and want something that just works without my constant attention.  I currently run WSE2012R2 + Stablebit Drivepool with 3x4TB drives (WD Reds) and external backups on a Supermicro MB w/Core i3 with 20 GB Ram. OS is on a 128 SSD.  I run the drives on a SCSI card and it just decided to not boot off theSSD the other day, so I connected it back to the MB port. I only have one laptop, one desktop that get backed up and the DT one is always failing. I uninstall the connector, reinstall, blah, blah , blah... it  works for a while and then fails again. This makes the Client backups worthless.   I have some gremlin the hardware that causes it to reboot all the damn time, or maybes its SW, dunno.  I thought it was heat and confirmed all fans work, drives are not overheating, no smart errors.  Might be one of my external eSata boxes, not sure.  My server hardware is from 2011, so getting a bit old, but still works. WSE dashboard crashes all the time. I'm tired of looking at logs to fix it.  I want/need NAS (Synologoy) to work with Plex via a Roku.  I also use a Squeezebox (2), but they are failing and I am about to give up on them for music streaming.  I also use Chromecast in the house.  So I guess Plex for both music and movies/videos is the plan.   Also, want the NAS to work with security cameras.  Which Synology Do I get?  I think I want a 4 drive minimum unit. Do I need a 'Play' one, or not?  What else? I have plenty of hard drives. I can budget $1K if needed, but half that sounds better to me.        
    • so is there anything listed anywhere for addins? I just cant find anything on google.
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