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Can I Make A Video Of Your Computer Screen In Windows 7?

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I really need help. I'm trying to create MMORPG review videos and put them on YouTube. I have an hp laptop with windows 7. And I'm trying to figure out how to make a video where it shows my computer screen and stuff I'm doing on it. Kinda like how you can take photos of your screen by using the keyboard. I just wanna learn how to make videos where it shows my laptop screen. Like the viewers are seeing the same thing I am. Someone please help :(

By the way, I want to know whether the Windows 7 system to provide a making video software, how to use?

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If you type video screen capture into Google you will see lts of solutions. I use Adobe Captivate, but it costs. there are plenty of free solutions.

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I use Camtasia, but CamStudio is free and more than likely will do what you need.

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      Server and it worked very well. Upgraded to Windows 10 in the insider
      program. Recently tried to manage the storage space and I cannot get the
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      I am running WHS 2011 on Hp G7 microserver and I have a mediasmart server with software for WHS v1. I have also just bought a Hp Proliant m10 and windows Essential 2012 OS, but it is not up yet.
      The questions for others that might have tried this... In a nutshell, can I run all 3 servers on the same home network using 3 different server OS's?
      I want to make Windows Essential 2012 my media server while the microserver using WHS 2011 is everything else.
      The mediasmart WHS v1 would be a "portable" server. I know the idea of a "portable" server is odd, but I essentially want to use it to keep off site backups of parents computers and my sisters family computers while parking it at my house. I could also use it as a big external hard drive to transfer media (assuming it can be used on the same home network as the other two servers).
      I have a hunch the problems will happen with the connector software and if this is the case I am thinking I could put a Vista and XP mini I have on the WHS v1 network at my house, but before I mess with this I want to see if others have done this already?
    • By beech2000
      Hi All,
      First post for me…. I have been viewing you all for a while and a huge fan. I've learned a lot and for the most part fix most or all of my Networking, PC problems and computer related issues. And so thanks for having me.
      We love our Aspire-H340 and now especially love it more due to Tonido (Personal Cloud) installed and up and running. We are an iPhone family but not an apple family. Does that make sense? Guess I'm to much of a control freak to switch to Apple.
      Tonido allows us all (6 to be exact) to store pictures, view pictures, upload, download and view small videos without using iCloud or a pay service. All wrapped up neatly in the same directory structure as if we were home. Plus I won't mention 4 TB of storage for free but just did.
      So to the point.
      I have the opportunity to get an academic copy of windows server essentials 2012 R2 with 5 user licenses for $200.
      Since the installation of Tonido on the H340 I keep receiving Indexing errors causing WHS Console to report them to me with specific failing hard drive. Tonido is unsupported in WHS so I alone in the web troubleshooting steps. I am thinking it’s the way Tonido handles moving files to and from is doing strange things to WHS Console causing the error not sure though. BTW HDD not failing it just needed repair via WHS console and now all is fine.
      So, Can it be done? Can I install Server Essentials 2012 R2 on the H340? Is it feasible or should I just build another box that would run the server software better?? I read on one of the forum threads where a break out cable would be required to get video. I tried installing a video card into the PCIx16 slot but monitor won't power up. (Yes video card was tested and it works) but won't work on the WHS-H340.
    • By TinkerToyTech
      I want to run win8.1pro, and run WHS2011 in a virtual machine.
      The machine will be a socket 1155 with 16gb of ram, 240GB  ssd, and an LSI Logic SAS/SATA/JBOD 8 spot controller.  Currently the machine is running WHS2011 with Plex Server that's still indexing my full drobo as I move my media from the 11 3TB drives of varying sort and so forth,   The way I find things is voidtools dot com's everything.exe that's also installed.  For add-on's I'm using iHomeserver (?) for running iTunes, and Advanced Admin Tools,  both well worth their money.
      Has this been covered in a blog post, or one of the EBooks?  I will buy / donate to the right cause that can steer me towards the necessary information.    
      kc0edo at outlook dot com
    • By Fritz The Cat
      Does a USB video adapter  work with a headless server like a SS4200?

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    • Apologies if I'm being stupid, but I'm having great trouble understanding how Lightsout backup and the Server Essentials 2012 backup work together (or fight with each other). I find the Lightsout documentation on this very unclear, and various threads have left me no wiser. I'd appreciate some help! Here's the setup: Lightsout is running nicely on the server. Before backups were set up, I established that the server hibernated when the clients were switched off. The server woke up when a client was powered up. (This behaviour broke when backups were set up.) The server is Essentials 2012, with a number of client laptops: a mix of Windows 7, 8 & 10. The Essentials backup window is 22:00 - 07:00. No backup settings are currently made in Lightsout. Here's what I'd like to achieve: At the end of the working day all the clients are put to sleep or hibernate (or switched off completely, I don't care which). Ten minutes after that, Lightsout hibernates the server. Sometime during the night (22:00 - 07:00) the server wakes up, then wakes up the various clients in turn, backs them up, and puts them back to sleep / hibernate / shutdown (I don't care which). Here's what actually happens (when I look at the uptime chart the next morning): At the end of the day (about 17:15) the clients are put to sleep / hibernate. (I tell the team not to shut down their client laptops because I assume the server can't wake a completely shut down client - is that correct?) The server does not hibernate. Approximately 90 minutes after the clients were put to sleep / hibernate, they all wake up simultaneously (around 18:45, but I don't know why this happens). The clients then stay awake all night. Later, from 22:00, some of the backups take place (but not all of them). The backups are spread wide apart in the 22:00 - 07:00 window with lots of time when nothing is going on at all. The clients do not go back to sleep / hibernate after their backups. ...can anyone suggest what combination of settings I should be using to get the desired behaviour? Here are the sort of things that are confusing me, but I can't find definitive answers (and each experiment I do takes 24 hours to give any results!): I know I can specify clients' individual backup times in Lightsout, but I don't know how long a client's backup will take, so I could have backups overlapping each other and causing a traffic jam. Should I worry about this? If I set Lightsout backups, what do I set for the Essentails backup window? What if it's not long enough to get all the backups done? If I make settings in the Lightsout backup dialog do I have to complete everything in that dialog box? Does this make the Essentials 2012 backup settings redundant? What about the Essentials 22:00 - 07:00 backup window, does that matter any more? I tried setting client backup times in Lightsout with an end action of 'sleep'. The backups didn't happen at all and clients all spontaneously went to sleep in the middle of the working day (the server / clients clocks all match, I checked). Can Lightsout wake up a client laptop that is completely shut down? Thanks for reading this long post and sorry if these seem like stupid questions. I already have WHS2011 / Lightsout running perfectly on another setup (where my backups take place during the day), but nocturnal backups are a new level of complexity for me!
    • Christopher wrote:  << And to clarify, if you want multiple backup drives to be cycled offsite, you MUST connect all of them at the same time when you set up the backups. >> I'm not clear about this. To the best of my recollection, I never connected both of my backup drives to the server at the same time,  For test purposes, I just initiated a recovery (using the WHS Installation Disk) with each of them hooked up.  The one that has been offsite and the one that backed up last night were both found by the "Repair an existing installation" procedure.  Perhaps I'm misreading your clarification.
    • Please check if task scheduler is still working. If not use this tool here If that does not help you may try to reinstall WHS Connector.
    • My WHS v1 (home build) starting misbehaving and finally needed a new system disk.
      After lots of threads, trial and errors, AF and non-AF drives, and lack of the Server Reinstallation choice it has finally progressed.
      Weeks of frustration. My recent attempts proceeded well but all ended up without the rebuilding of the Storage Pool (6 drives).
      The drives are detected and show up as "not added" in Server Storage and as "non managed" in Disk Management.
      There is no C:\fs on the SYS volume.
      It appears that the RebuildPrimary stage of the reinstallation, mentioned by some posters, was not successful. Has anyone found a way to force the rebuilding of the Storage Pool on reinstallation?
      I have tried X: Files v1.5.5 and the original Microsoft Disk with the same outcome. [My next step will be to migrate the "shares" and "folders" manually - it would have be quicker to have done this initially.]
    • Hi, I can use all feature using the connector software in my local network. But when on the road, I connect via Login works, can access my shared folders, but when I want to access the WHS 2011 Server Dashboard or my WHS 2011 Outlook, I got an error like this: The Computer can't connect with the Remotedesktop-Gatewayserver. Contact your network admin. (translated from german) . On an Windows 7 Home and on a 7 Pro Computer this worked. The same problem happens on my Windows 10 tablet. Only local working with the connector software. Windows 10 is version 1607. Any suggestions what this is?
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