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The primary hard drive on my WHS v1.1 HP EX495 is dying. The server will boot up, but it shutsdown uncontrollably. I ran chkdsk and it found and corrected errors, but the shutdown problem persists so I’m ready to move on. I have several options and I’m looking for advice regarding the best option.

  1. Slave the 1 GB primary drive to Win7 then take a Ghost image of the defective drive. Slave a new 1 GB drive to Win7 and restore the Ghost image. Put restored drive back into the EX495. (Any MS Product Activation issues?)
  2. Replace the 1 GB primary drive with another then install WHS v1.1
  3. Replace the 1 GB primary drive with another then install WHS 2011 and DriveBender v1.2.
  4. Replace the 1 GB primary drive with a 750 GB drive that already has WHS v1.0 installed. This drive would come from an unopened HP EX485 so I don’t know if there would be any driver issues or MS Product Activation issues.

I am open to suggestions from the knowledgeable forum.

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