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You may need more power if serving media files, depending on how you go about it.

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    • The direct link works im thinking that it is an issue with the certificate not redirecting as it should I will update when I know more
    • Thanks Krust That's good to know.  I later found out I don't have to join a domain for the clients to work with  WSE-2016 for backups etc. see:- John  
    • There is a way to get your desktop moved over. Navigate to c:\users\"Your Old username" Copy the contents of that folder to c:\users\"Domain Username" That should be it on that. So on your computers, once you join them to the domain I believe a group policy sets the DNS for those addresses on your home network.  When you change to a different DHCP it should update to whatever DNS address that is applied and work just fine.  I could be wrong on that. If you really want to manually set your DNS, your best best is to set your alternative DNS to which is Google's dns. Should work no matter where you are at. I have the DHCP of my router hand out the DNS of my server as primary and then the google DNS.  Then I dont' have to worry about it when I change location.  Everything happens automatically.
    • I have that update installed and it works ok no denied 403 message, try the direct link to see if it works or there is some weird permissions issue ?
    • I am getting a 403 error access forbidden when I add is anyone else getting this since I am running a full version of server 2016 essentials and have had my setup working fine on 2012r2 wondering if its a update that hasn't been patched yet
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