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Can't Backup Gpt Partitions?

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Just finished setting up a new server with SBS 2011 Essentials. Got four workstations hooked up, all Win 7 Business x64. Two are on a new motherboard with UEFI BIOS' on them. I had no idea that Windows was going to use GPT instead of MBR on the drives. Got both of the new workstations totally done and when I tried to make the backups, they fail every single time. Checked Microsoft's website and find out that the backup feature doesn't work on GPT partitions!

I presume there is not way to convert the GPT partitions to MBR without total data loss? How do I get Windows to not use GPT and use MBR on these drives? (500GB drives) I got a bad feeling that I am going to have to start totally over from scratch. Or might I be able to make say an Acronis image of the workstations, re-format the hard drive using MBR and then restoring the image?

I could bash my head against the wall right about now. Wished I knew about this issue before hand or wished MS would fix this!

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When booting from the Windows installation media from a UEFI motherboard, you typically have two options for optical media: Port#: Optical drive and UEFI: Port#: Optical drive.

Choosing the UEFI option (or if it defaults to it), will usually tell the UEFI to launch a shell to find the UEFI boot loader from the Windows install media, rather than the regular bootloader.

Having said that, there's no known way that I'm aware of to convert the disk back to MBR without data loss...using only Microsoft's available tools. There may be third-party software that can, but I don't know of one in particular.

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I don't think that using Acronis to image and reapply would work. In fact, I think you'd be stuck with GPT still.

Tools Like EaseUS Partition Manager may work. I use it all the time, but I haven't messed with GPT (in part *because* GPT backup isn't supported)

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