Cloudberry Backup Not Backing Up User Folders

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I use Cloudberry backup to backup my Homeserver V1 to the Amazon Cloud. Since a couple of months ago I have been getting an error every day when it runs the backup, and the report shows none of the User folders have been backed up and the error shows 'Path not found'.

The strange thing is that the User folder does exist, and all the sub folders for each member of the family are there and can be accessed.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening or what I can do to fix it?

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It seems that the CloudBerry Backup service account does not have permissions on the folder. Please check the service account of the CloudBerry Backup Service in the Services list (Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services). If it is a Local System, you should change the account which has access to that windows share.

You can also change the credentials for network locations directly. Check out here for more info


You can change account in the Services dialog by right-click the CloudBerry Backup Service, choose Properties. Or you can change it directly from the CloudBerry Backup: right-click on the "Service is started" text label on the left bottom and choose "Change Service Account". The service will be automatically restarted.

Check out our article on how to solve this problem


Please let me know if it helped.


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I followed the blog for changing network credentials, and that has sorted the problem out - the backup ran as intended last night.

Thanks for your help

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