Help: Wd 3Tb Drive Only Showing As 700Gb (Not 2.1Tb)

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I just got the WD 3TB Green HD and when I put it into my 49x HP it only showed up as 700GB instead of 2.1TB. Any ideas as to why or what I should do to access at least the 2.1TB (going to try the 3TB WHS hacks).

Many thanks in advance for any advice,


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If it's v1, then it's not supported by the server. Period.

At best, you'd have to do the "GPT hack".... which is more complicated than it should be ( go microsoft for screwing us over because they want to format as MBR only, and not GPT!)


WHS2011 supports it just fine, if you delete all the partitions, and convert it to GPT, and then create a partition.

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Drashna - thanks for responding - I know that 3TB isn't supported natively.  My issue is for whatever reason the 3TB Western Digital drive isn't showing 2.1TB as it should - instead it shows a capacity of only 746GB.  I thought I found someone who discussed this issue but can't find it again.  Hoping someone recalls the issue (HD driver?).


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Is this what you are looking for?

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That's the "expected" result with the MBR disks over 2TBs. It divides them up like that and mis-reports the size.

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    • By steveori
      This is a little story about some lost files and how WHS/WSE2012 saved my bacon.
      A few of you may remember that towards the beginning of the year I decided to replace my WHS2011 build for a WSE2012 build to overcome some minor issues I was having with WHS.
      The plan was to run WSE2012 and the old WHS2011 box concurrently for a little while until I was sure I was happy with WSE2012.
      Well after only a week I knew I'd be happy with WSE2012 so I pulled the plug on the WHS2011 machine, I left the main storage drive and the backup drive in the WHS2011 box and shelved it (just in case) then transferred the remaining HDD's over to the new server.
      Fast-forward a few months and I got chatting to a friend I used to play in a band with, back in the day I fancied myself of somewhat of an amateur musician and had mixed and produced several hundred songs. It was at this point I had the sudden heart stopping realisation that I had forgotten to transfer across all of the old music I had recorded and produced! I gave up the ambition several years ago so the files had lay dormant for quite sometime and had completely slipped my mind -- but as you can imagine these files are completely irreplaceable.
      "No problem!" I thought, "I'll just connect the old storage drive up to the new server and pull the files across"...if only it were that simple.

      I figured the best way to go about it would be to connect the drive to a USB 3.0 dock and just pull the 30/40GB's worth of files onto the new server so I dug out the dock and set the copy going.
      About 5 minutes into the copy the transfer speed was listed as 0.0 and the partitions disappeared from explorer, the server then became completely unresponsive. 
      I tried various things to get the server to respond all met with failure so I pulled the USB cable for the dock, this brought the system back to life but all 3 partitions on the docked HDD were now listed as RAW and completely inaccessible.
      I began desperately trying to repair the partitions, CHKDSK failed, TestDisk would read partitions C and E ok but D was completely gone -- nothing I did/tried would read the data on the D partition.
      In the end I wiped the drive and decided to restore it using WHS2011's server backup.
      I dug out the old server + backup drive, reassembled it all and booted the WHS2011 install disc - selected repair/recover annnnddd "no images found"...ballz.
      Confirmed the backup HDD was being read ok and tried again, and again, and again -- no matter what I did the installer could find no trace of my backups.
      In desperation I connected the backup drive to my WSE2012 box and tried to view the files "Error G:/ Access Denied".
      I went into the drives properties and took ownership of it which allowed me to view all of the files on the drive, but not to open them.
      After a bit of faffing I was able to create some psudo permissions using a mixture of old and new credentials and gain access to the files, then I was able to use 7zip to open the vhd file of the last server backup and restore the music files to the new server.
      Annoyingly enough this isn't the first time this has happened - I accidentally deleted the music files once and had to recover them with a 15hr TestDisk session.
      I have now purchased CrashPlan and have the data backed up to the cloud...once bitten and all that..
    • By Spaatz
      Hi Everyone,
      I built the server described in this manual with 9TB of storage in a RAID array that brought my capacity down to about 6TB after all was said and done.
      While that seems like a lot, my media collection is pushing me close to capacity and I'd like to expand my storage significantly.  I have one disk bay left in the box that I can use so that is basically a dead end.  Replacing all the drives with higher capacity disks is an option but I fear only for a short while as I am currently putting about 25GB a week of data on the disks and want to ramp that up to as much as humanly possible.
      My question is this:  I have one card bay that was left empty in the construction of the server.  The manual mentioned it could be used for a graphics card or other card of similar interface.  Not entirely sure what the type is off the top of my head though.  
      Can I drop a interface card of some kind into that slot and add a second box to my system that is filled with nothing but disks?  Something like a RAID controller that ties in a large capacity NAS into the mix?  I'd ideally like to add something like 25TB+ to my storage capacity and think that going outside the box is probably the only way of doing it. But I want it to be considered part of the main disk drive if possible.
      Is this possible or am I just thinking too big?
    • By ixnay
      My X510 would not connect suddenly and was unresponsive.  After a couple of hard resets I got the red health light on, so tried to do a restore. This did not work so I figured it somehow could not see the disks, so I took them out and put a new spare disk in and went through the restore procedure again. This time it worked and all looked good. Now to reinstall connector software on my PC. So it found it okay and downloaded the bits it needed, then asked for the password. What? Have not set one yet.
      Now I have a box saying An error occured. This operation cannot be completed at this time. I have tried the old password - which it cannot be as I did a restore, and blank, and admin 0- nothing works. I have a fresh install that I cannot connect to. I have spent all afternoon on this and am out of ideas.
      Help, please?
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      First message here just to inform you that i managed to get finally working (fully working) WMC on Vail.

      So tink twice before thinking to upgrade to something else.

      Details here
    • By Doug McDermott
      Anyone know of a modern day use for HP MediaSmart EX470 hardware?  I have an old HP MediaSmart EX470.  The hardware is fine, but I can no longer connect to the console because my wife destroyed the old Vista computer I was using and all of my remaining computers are Windows 10.  Since the hardware is fine, I would like to re-use it if possible.  I'm primarily interested in using it as a music server to connect to Sonos, and a video/photo server to connect to playstation and other computers around the house.  The original backup functionality was nice, but I don't need that anymore.  Does anyone know of a way to rebuild these things for modern day use?  Windows 10 compatible use?

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    • Dave, can you clarify what you mean by this?
    • I had no problem with Windows 10.  However, I just completed the anniversary update and now the "Connector" won't run to conclusion.  It backs itself out and reports an unspecified error.
    • Apologies if I'm being stupid, but I'm having great trouble understanding how Lightsout backup and the Server Essentials 2012 backup work together (or fight with each other). I find the Lightsout documentation on this very unclear, and various threads have left me no wiser. I'd appreciate some help! Here's the setup: Lightsout is running nicely on the server. Before backups were set up, I established that the server hibernated when the clients were switched off. The server woke up when a client was powered up. (This behaviour broke when backups were set up.) The server is Essentials 2012, with a number of client laptops: a mix of Windows 7, 8 & 10. The Essentials backup window is 22:00 - 07:00. No backup settings are currently made in Lightsout. Here's what I'd like to achieve: At the end of the working day all the clients are put to sleep or hibernate (or switched off completely, I don't care which). Ten minutes after that, Lightsout hibernates the server. Sometime during the night (22:00 - 07:00) the server wakes up, then wakes up the various clients in turn, backs them up, and puts them back to sleep / hibernate / shutdown (I don't care which). Here's what actually happens (when I look at the uptime chart the next morning): At the end of the day (about 17:15) the clients are put to sleep / hibernate. (I tell the team not to shut down their client laptops because I assume the server can't wake a completely shut down client - is that correct?) The server does not hibernate. Approximately 90 minutes after the clients were put to sleep / hibernate, they all wake up simultaneously (around 18:45, but I don't know why this happens). The clients then stay awake all night. Later, from 22:00, some of the backups take place (but not all of them). The backups are spread wide apart in the 22:00 - 07:00 window with lots of time when nothing is going on at all. The clients do not go back to sleep / hibernate after their backups. ...can anyone suggest what combination of settings I should be using to get the desired behaviour? Here are the sort of things that are confusing me, but I can't find definitive answers (and each experiment I do takes 24 hours to give any results!): I know I can specify clients' individual backup times in Lightsout, but I don't know how long a client's backup will take, so I could have backups overlapping each other and causing a traffic jam. Should I worry about this? If I set Lightsout backups, what do I set for the Essentails backup window? What if it's not long enough to get all the backups done? If I make settings in the Lightsout backup dialog do I have to complete everything in that dialog box? Does this make the Essentials 2012 backup settings redundant? What about the Essentials 22:00 - 07:00 backup window, does that matter any more? I tried setting client backup times in Lightsout with an end action of 'sleep'. The backups didn't happen at all and clients all spontaneously went to sleep in the middle of the working day (the server / clients clocks all match, I checked). Can Lightsout wake up a client laptop that is completely shut down? Thanks for reading this long post and sorry if these seem like stupid questions. I already have WHS2011 / Lightsout running perfectly on another setup (where my backups take place during the day), but nocturnal backups are a new level of complexity for me!
    • Christopher wrote:  << And to clarify, if you want multiple backup drives to be cycled offsite, you MUST connect all of them at the same time when you set up the backups. >> I'm not clear about this. To the best of my recollection, I never connected both of my backup drives to the server at the same time,  For test purposes, I just initiated a recovery (using the WHS Installation Disk) with each of them hooked up.  The one that has been offsite and the one that backed up last night were both found by the "Repair an existing installation" procedure.  Perhaps I'm misreading your clarification.
    • Please check if task scheduler is still working. If not use this tool here https://repairtasks.codeplex.com/ If that does not help you may try to reinstall WHS Connector.
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