Help: Wd 3Tb Drive Only Showing As 700Gb (Not 2.1Tb)

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I just got the WD 3TB Green HD and when I put it into my 49x HP it only showed up as 700GB instead of 2.1TB. Any ideas as to why or what I should do to access at least the 2.1TB (going to try the 3TB WHS hacks).

Many thanks in advance for any advice,


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If it's v1, then it's not supported by the server. Period.

At best, you'd have to do the "GPT hack".... which is more complicated than it should be ( go microsoft for screwing us over because they want to format as MBR only, and not GPT!)


WHS2011 supports it just fine, if you delete all the partitions, and convert it to GPT, and then create a partition.

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Drashna - thanks for responding - I know that 3TB isn't supported natively.  My issue is for whatever reason the 3TB Western Digital drive isn't showing 2.1TB as it should - instead it shows a capacity of only 746GB.  I thought I found someone who discussed this issue but can't find it again.  Hoping someone recalls the issue (HD driver?).


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Is this what you are looking for?

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That's the "expected" result with the MBR disks over 2TBs. It divides them up like that and mis-reports the size.

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