Installing To Drive Smaller Than 160Gb

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I know this has been covered a few times already, but for folks who are searching this for the first time:

1. If you want to install WHS2011 to a drive smaller than 160gb - skip the cfg.ini route with a USB drive and simply install as normal - when you get to the first screen that should say Disk 0 (and only this screen) hit Shift F10.

2. That will pull up a cmd prompt window.

3. Type notepad

4. Navigate to the SKU directory

5. Tab down to All Files (not just .txt)

6. Open up the .def file within that directory (you'll see the min reqs for WHS2011 install)

7. Change the Hard drive requirements to whatever you're installing to (i.e. 50 if you're using a 60gb SSD)

8. Hit Save As and ensure you save it over the .def file (it will default to a .txt version which is useless) You'll know you did it right if it prompts you to overwrite the file.

9. Once you do that exit notepad - will bring you back to the command prompt

10. Then type wpshell.exe (not sure what this does exactly...might be able to skip this step

11. Now, proceed to install as normal and it will go right to setup.

*****No need to worry about USB drives and cfg.ini files and popping it out before reboot, etc. Seriously, this would have saved me two days of work had I known this. So I share it now.

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I had a bummer of a time setting up WHS2011 on my Samsung 120 Gig SDD with AMD southbridge; I was having all sorts of issues with getting a CFG.ini file to work properly. 


This method worked on the first try with little effort.


For those who are having trouble with the Cfg.ini file route, this will work!

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IMO the cfg.ini is still a much faster method with zero issues for me. I created my whs2011 usb flash drive, put the cfg.ini file on the root of the flash drive. Started the computer, pointed the boot process to the flash drive and a few minutes later WHS2011 was installed without asking me a single question. This was done on a nForce 650i Ultra motherboard with a Intel Q6600 cpu and a Vertex 2 60GB SSD. Could not have been any easier or faster for me.


Very surprised how well WHS2011 runs and how much easier it was over FreeNAS, for me anyway. Thanks

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