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Some Lessons Learnt From Setting Up Whs On A Win8 Pc

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I hate to think how long since it's been since I last posted - but I've been a constant WHS user since near the beginning


I finally took the plunge and replaced my faithful 5 year old Win7 notebook with a new Win8 unit. I know I'm late to the party but my Win7 was working just fine. Only thing that prompted the move was my old notebook's HDD was making some scary sounds and the keyboard was basically worn out!


Of course that meant setting up the Connector on it to connect to my WHS - relatively easy you would think...


Couple of lessons learnt which I will share here in the hope it helps others, the may well be already well documented but just in case


1. Make sure the location and data and time are correct on the new client - if not you will struggle to get the Connector to find the WHS


2, If you get the Passwords don't match error (and they actually do) - check out this article - this issue had me stumped for a while


I haven't spent anytime on it but has anyone figured out how to use the "Microsoft Account login" as opposed to a local login - when I try that I get the Passwords don't match error (because they actually don't) - is there any work around or do I need to take the plunge and change one of those passwords so they match. I'm guessing I do as it's probably the only way to get access to my personal share on the WHS


Now it's working well and I'm impressed that WHS which is based on Windows Server 2003 is working fine with a client OS from 2012.


I don't think I will ever bother moving to WHS 2011 - by the time I need to move on I guess it will all be held in the "cloud"

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Good to hear from you. It definitely has been a while!


Enjoying Windows 8? If not, check out Start8 from starDock. :)


And that's some good info.

As for WHS2011... Skip to 2012 Essentials. It's a bit expensive... but I find it works even better than WHS2011. :)


As for the Cloud... I hate that word. It's a marketing term, or buzzword. Somebody is running physical hardware somewhere (in a large data center). And the implication is that anything in the "Cloud" is always safe, always accessible, and always *yours*. None of those may be true. :(

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