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Remove Start Screen Logon From Whs2011

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How do I remove the start screen logon from WHS2011, It needs to be removed because of program Startup when i reboot the server

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I'm not sure about removing the login screen, but I have program's starting by using a scheduled task and selecting the run whether user is logged in or not option.

Works for most programs

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    • Lights Out service stops running on WIN 10 client
      By Teetime
      I am using WHS 2011. I have two Windows 10 clients. The laptop was upgraded in place from Windows 7 to Windows 10 several months ago and LO works fine there. The desktop was upgraded in place from Windows 7 to Windows Windows 10 yesterday and I can't get its LO service to continue running. If I manually start it, everything looks fine but after several hours the service stops.
      Here are my observations that will hopefully help you determine what the problem is. With the service stopped I log into WHS 2011 and go to the LO Computers tab. For the Win10 desktop all of the items are grayed out. Back at the desktop, I right click the LO lightbulb and select About. It shows me connected to the home server. If I click the home server link it takes me to the Explorer view of the server's folders. Both client PCs are running What should I do to get LO working properly on this Wn 10 client?
    • WHS 2011 not working on El Capitan
      By Vas
      I swear I am in the very slow process of upgrading to Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2.  In the meantime, I am dependent on my old WHS 2011 which is in the old HP MEdiasmart server.  It continues to work well as a network drive, and as a means to stream to my various OSMC players throughout the house.  Recently however, I cannot connect to the shared folders on the lone Mac in the house.  Despite being able to login through the connector, when I try to click "Shared Folders" or the "Go --> Connect to Server" method, I cannot login.  I get the smb://myservername then get a login prompt, but regardless of whether I try Admin, or my name and password, or even "Guest", I get rejected.  I tried re-installing the Connector, trying to login through lots of methods, restarting the server and the Mac, etc. but no dice.  Any reason why this wouldn't work??  It's frustrating.  I like to connect through my mac so I can move items between my various Apple Devices and the server (Calibre to transfer my books to my iPad, for example).
      Thanks for any help you can offer, I'll try anything!
    • Multiple Server Os On Same Network
      By PositiveCynic
      I am running WHS 2011 on Hp G7 microserver and I have a mediasmart server with software for WHS v1. I have also just bought a Hp Proliant m10 and windows Essential 2012 OS, but it is not up yet.
      The questions for others that might have tried this... In a nutshell, can I run all 3 servers on the same home network using 3 different server OS's?
      I want to make Windows Essential 2012 my media server while the microserver using WHS 2011 is everything else.
      The mediasmart WHS v1 would be a "portable" server. I know the idea of a "portable" server is odd, but I essentially want to use it to keep off site backups of parents computers and my sisters family computers while parking it at my house. I could also use it as a big external hard drive to transfer media (assuming it can be used on the same home network as the other two servers).
      I have a hunch the problems will happen with the connector software and if this is the case I am thinking I could put a Vista and XP mini I have on the WHS v1 network at my house, but before I mess with this I want to see if others have done this already?
    • Ups Recommendations
      By Umfriend
      Hi all,
      I am in the market for a UPS. Obviously I want it to protect the server against power-outs but I also need it to ensure the server is shut down properly in case of such. Aside from capacity and top output, what should I look for? Any recommendations?
    • Microserver G7 N54L Port Multipler / Esata Question
      By PositiveCynic
      Running WHS 2011 on a N54L, it has 2TB, 6TB, 4TB, and 5 TB drives. I have two older 4 bay Mediasonic ProBox enclosures USB enclosures for a total of 8 bays. They have 2TB drives for 7 bays and the 8th bay has a 4TB hard drive that was partitioned into two 2TB drives. I am also running StableBit. 
      I am adding an 8 bay mediasonic enclosure and I wanted to do it through estata. I am having the problem where it is only recognizing one hard drive in eSATA. No port multipler function. I briefly tried USB and I also could get only one hard drive to show up.
      I am finding older directions to flash the bios for microservers before the N54L but nothing more recent. Do I have to flash the BIOS to get eSATA to work with the 8 bay enclosure. Or would it be better to get a PCIe card for eSATA. If so, what PCIe card for eSATA or USB 3 has people gotten to work with the N54L?
      The N54L is still under warranty so I have access to the downloads at Hp under the new policy.