New Beta Build 2110 Available

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A new beta build 2110 is available:

This build contains these fixes since the latest offical build 2055:
o Fixed: Bug in ShareMonitor introduced in 1.5.4 build 2055
o Fixed: Client About Dialog shows licensed to <number> if server is not running
o Fixed: Shutdown is not recorded for 2011 product line
o Added: Support for 2012 R2 Essentials RTM including Windows 7 issue (service won't start)
o Added: Status tab shows remaining time until standard action is executed

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    • Questions on Planning and Preparing for a N54L
      By darkarn · Posted
      Hi guys, after months of looking around for a better home (or mostly personal depending how you look at it  ) storage solution, I have decided to go ahead with a N54L! Here's what I have planned for and prepared so far with some background details on my use cases and setup:   Current Setup Computer(s): 1 Sager NP8170 (HDD changed into a Crucial M550 256GB) Main Storage: 1 HGST 3.5" 3TB Deskstar HDD in a Hotway USB 3.0 external enclosure. Connected to my laptop as Windows 7 local drive via USB 3.0. Backup: 1 3.5" 2TB HDD, 1 3.5" 1TB HDD in a shared PC. Connected to my laptop as Windows 7 network drives over the home network (i.e. PC to router, router to laptop). Router: Asus RT-AC66U (All drives above are formatted in NTFS)   Planned Setup Computer(s): 1 Sager NP8170 (HDD changed into a Crucial M550 256GB) Main Storage: 1 3.5" 2TB HDD, 1 3.5" 1TB HDD in a N54L. (N54L to switch, switch to laptop, switch to router) Backup: 1 HGST 3.5" 3TB Deskstar HDD in a Hotway USB 3.0 external enclosure. Connected to my laptop as Windows 7 local drive via USB 3.0. Router: Asus RT-AC66U (Not sure if should stick with NTFS due to OS choice in the N54L. I prefer not to reformat if possible.)   Use Cases
      1. Storing my data in my HDDs and being able to access them (i.e. NAS) (High priority) 2. Monitoring HDD health with real-time alerts (High priority) 3. Media streaming (in home network mostly, but if can be done ) (Medium priority) 4. Production server for web projects e.t.c. (LAMP setup maybe?) (Medium priority) 5. Media transcoding (then again, I think my devices can handle untranscoded stuff...?) (Low priority)
      6. Creating an environment where I can learn the usage and deployment of servers for fun and for career (yes, I know, this sounds naive at best...) (??? priority)   Items to Get/Prepare N54L itself (need to choose between 250GB HDD/2GB RAM and 500GB HDD/4GB RAM) DDNS Hostname for router (done!) Switch Thumbdrive with OS and BIOS mod if need be (need to decide OS first) Extra Ethernet cables for the setup   Questions Despite looking around at many forums, I am still having some doubts and questions in planning and preparing its deployment. So, I need help in understanding more of the following: 1. Should I be expecting slower read/write speeds than my USB 3.0 connection but faster than those HDDs in the PC? (Expectations) 2. What should I take note of in maintaining such servers instead of my current setup? (Expectations) 3. Will a unmanaged switch do? (Hardware) 4. What PCIe cards should I prepare for? (Hardware) 5. Will I need dual NICs? (Hardware) 6. Will I need an USB 3.0 card on the N54L, or should I just use the USB 3.0 ports on my laptop? (Hardware) 7. Which OS I should go for? Or will hypervisors (i.e. ESXi) be more suited for my use cases? (Amahi, Ubuntu, WHS/Windows 8 are my top choices currently) (Software) 8. If I were to go for a hypervisor, what should I look out for? (Expectations/Software)     I hope this is not too much... Thanks!
    • Mac Client Error 500 Lights-Out Agent Preferences
      By Timmy1 · Posted
      I was able to resolve the issue by uninstalling the application, removing the app from IIS then reinstalling.
    • WHS replacement device
      By fasttimes · Posted
      Longtime WHS user, in fact still on V1. Now that Windows 10 won't support a connector, are there any NAS devices that will give me the same simplicity that WHS provides for backup like the connector and over network restore? Will a device that runs Windows Storage Server give me the same functionality?  I'd love some recommendations to backup the OS of 4-5 machines at a sub 1k price  
    • Remove OneDrive from Win10
      By WantStuff · Posted
      Hi guys, I have recently put Win 10 Pro on two laptops and connected to a WS2012E R2 domain. I've pretty much got everything working as wanted and am now applying the 'polish'. One of the thing I'd now like to do is disable/remove OneDrive from the clients. I have seen that it can be done using a Local Group Policy, and want to do the same/similar but using a DC policy instead. Can some one point me in the right direction fo this? Local Group Policy instructions: Thanks  
    • Disappearing Users
      By Ronski · Posted
      To follow up on the above, today I noticed an alert for the server (see attached). Now the second one got me thinking, so I went into the Dashboard, and sure enough there was no users, so then I started the service and my users appeared. Now all I need to work out is why the services are not starting when the server reboots.  
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