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JC634 (WGS)

Add-in's for Windows Media Center

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Hi all,

WGS is starting to look into the creating an add-in section for Windows Media Center add-in's. There are a LOT of them out there in the wild. And it is going to be quite a daunting task to discover them, try them out, and add them to our add-in section.

So this is where you come in. We could use your help. Got a favorite or two add-ins you use and find you cannot live without in WMC? Let us know right here in this post! Even if it is one you tried and hated! ;)

And if you are a WMC add-in developer, we would like to hear from you also.

Thanks in advance for your input. It is the users that make a web site and it's forum great. The community of users at WGS is one of the main reasons why I joined WGS originally.

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Okay, here are the add-ins I currently use

myMovies, but I think you know it

dvrms editing

TV TOOLBOX beta 4 no expiration date from

Internet Radio


TV Series

TV Library currently no expiration date

but this requires some tweaking, info can be found in, more specifically check and

xml data needed for this app can be created with TVCollection Manager 1.03

and date setting in windows should be US/UK style to work with TvLibrary_1_0_0.

- Chr

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1) Lifextender - - this is a great commercial removal tool (uses either comskip or showanalyzer if you have it installed)

2) MCEBuddy - - this is a great tool that both removes commercials and converts the DVR-MS files into whatever format you want (WMV, DiVX, H.264, etc.)

3) MCE Standby Tool - - this is a great tool that takes care of the S3/S4 issues that all Vista Media Centers have! It has tons of options for putting the PC back to sleep, and it works great!.

4) Heatwave - - awesome weather plug in for Vista Media Center.

Note that all of these are supported on both Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit.



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