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server files/folders
Setting up server folders using StableBit DrivePool

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I recently installed Windows 10 pro on my old PC/Server. 

Not sure how to establish a folder system for household access to, e.g., Videos, Software installers, Photos, etc. 

These were all present on original server running WHS 2011.

How do I re-create my folders using Windows 10 and Stablebit?


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Run "FSMGMT.MSC" on the system. This will bring up the File Share Manager. 

From there, you can create shared folders. 

If you want to set it up like WHS, then set the share permissions to give "Everyone" full control, and then set the NTFS (securities) to be what you want 

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Thanks - I can get into FSMGMT ok, but not sure where to create folders in the pool drive?

I have a number of damaged or failing HDDs in my array,so would like to get content off them and into pool ASAP before replacing them with new hardware.  Since I was lulled into letting WHS 2011 (and before that HP Home media server (RIP) do all the work, I'm not sure how to proceed!


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"wherever you want". basically. 

If you're using the same pool from WHS, then using "\ServerFolders\ShareName" works well, and keeps things very organized.

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    • By jgciamarra
      I currently run "My Movies"/Server Client on my WHS 2011.  I use this setup as a central database for my movie collections and a way to stream movies to 2 - HTPCs, 1 - xBox, 2 - iPads. I don't use my WHS for client back-ups, etc. Since "My Movies" uses Windows Media Center (WMC) and both WMC & WHS 2011 are no longer strategic/supported by Microsoft, as I move to a new Media Center solution (Kodi/Emby), I would also like to move my WHS 2011 to Windows 10.
      Is there a way to do this where I can keep my current Shares (12 TBs on separate drives, OS on its own drive) in tact or do I have to start from scratch (hope not).
      Let me know if you have questions to provide me with the best guidance.
      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.
    • By mbartelt
      I can use all feature using the connector software in my local network. But when on the road, I connect via xxx.homeserver.com. Login works, can access my shared folders, but when I want to access the WHS 2011 Server Dashboard or my WHS 2011 Outlook, I got an error like this: The Computer can't connect with the Remotedesktop-Gatewayserver. Contact your network admin. (translated from german) . On an Windows 7 Home and on a 7 Pro Computer this worked. The same problem happens on my Windows 10 tablet. Only local working with the connector software. Windows 10 is version 1607.
      Any suggestions what this is?
    • By ggendron
      first off, i'm sorry if this is the incorrect place to be asking this question but, I wasn't sure where to go.
      I own a pawn business, and we decided to get pawn master and the server that comes with it. we've been running this software for more than a year now without any problems. once we updated our computers to windows 10, (we have two, the server and another workstation) the workstation started connecting to the server slowly. we would print labels from it and it takes about 2-3 minutes for the labels to be printed from the printer. (before it would be instantly.)
      So I've come to ask if anyone would know what could be causing this problem. I don'y really know much about servers at all so I would really appreciate any help that I could get.
    • By Tinus
      Windows 10 Anniversary Update removes the Essentials 2012 R2 connector (only on R2!).
      This also affects Lights-Out.
      You have to reconnect the machine to the server using http://server/connect.
    • By Spaatz
      Hi Everyone,
      I built the server described in this manual with 9TB of storage in a RAID array that brought my capacity down to about 6TB after all was said and done.
      While that seems like a lot, my media collection is pushing me close to capacity and I'd like to expand my storage significantly.  I have one disk bay left in the box that I can use so that is basically a dead end.  Replacing all the drives with higher capacity disks is an option but I fear only for a short while as I am currently putting about 25GB a week of data on the disks and want to ramp that up to as much as humanly possible.
      My question is this:  I have one card bay that was left empty in the construction of the server.  The manual mentioned it could be used for a graphics card or other card of similar interface.  Not entirely sure what the type is off the top of my head though.  
      Can I drop a interface card of some kind into that slot and add a second box to my system that is filled with nothing but disks?  Something like a RAID controller that ties in a large capacity NAS into the mix?  I'd ideally like to add something like 25TB+ to my storage capacity and think that going outside the box is probably the only way of doing it. But I want it to be considered part of the main disk drive if possible.
      Is this possible or am I just thinking too big?

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    • Hi - I'm now on Lights-Out 2, but the problem persists. Today 3 client computers suddenly shut down after a Lights-Out backup, whilst they were in use (but the users were away from the keyboard so never saw the warning message). All 3 computers had missed their previous backup (scheduled during Friday night). The 3 computers were automatically backed up during the day today, Monday (their next scheduled backup was set for Monday night). At the end of the backup they shut down & the users lost work. I'm trying to create a situation where... Each evening, the client computers are put to Sleep. During the night, the server wakes up the clients in turn, runs a Lights-Out backup, then shuts down the clients. When all the backups are done, Lights-Out puts the server to Sleep. In the morning the clients are re-started, the server wakes up, and the day begins as normal (I like the idea of the clients being restarted regularly). If one of the client computers can't be woken up during the night (the user had accidentally shut it down at the end of the day, or took it home with them), I don't mind what happens next: either a 'normal' Windows server backup during the day; or nothing happens until the next scheduled night-time backup. But these unexpected daytime shutdowns are making me increasingly unpopular - is there any way to avoid them during the daytime when everyone is trying to work normally? many thanks, Simon
    • Please contact support@green-it-software.com and I can send you a copy.
    • Hi, I am looking for these drivers HpMssServiceSetup_v1.0.6 but the dowmload link is dead. Does anyone have a working link please. Thank you.
    • That guide is for installing Exchange on a Server Essentials network, not necessarily installing both services on the same server, which isn't a good idea at all to do (as SBS with Exchange 2007/2010 was a good example of how poorly both AD and Exchange run when both are on the same server), nor is it supported by Microsoft.  Exchange 2016 initially had compatibility issues when installed on Server 2016 until Microsoft's server team came up with KB3206632 and the Exchange team released December 2016's quarterly update (CU3 or 4). Your IIS Reverse proxy will only (currently) be supported on Windows Server 2012/R2, as you've no doubt discovered, the Application Request Routing version and update only support 2012/R2. I know it works for 2012 R2 because I'm running Exchange 2016 CU4 on Server 2012 R2 on my domain that also includes a Server Standard with Essentials Role installed (5 VMs:  2 Domain Controllers, Exchange 2016 CU4, Server Essentials and a Reverse Proxy server all running 2012 R2 using ARR 2.5 -- the ARR Reverse Proxy allows me to share Exchange, Essentials RWA and my QNAP on 443), but thus far, I haven't seen anything for Windows Server 2016.  ARR 3.0 might work with Server 2016, or your other alternative is to deploy another server running 2012/R2 and use ARR 2.5.
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