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Discount on Yubikey via SecurityNow Podcast

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Hi all,

There is a 40% discount available for Yubikeys. See the details on the Security Now Podcast episode 206

Steve: Aha. That's the news, is that they only made 150. So what you have are very rare, limited edition, blue YubiKeys. They are the new dual function. Remember that the YubiKey can either function as a one-time password system or as a long, but fixed, password. The way they implemented the next version of the YubiKey, which Stina calls 2.0, is that you have both functions, or you have any two, either two different one-time passwords, two different fixed passwords, or one of each. And that you're able to trigger with a single contact. So there is a special offer, though, that they're making for our listeners. Reading from Stina's note, she said, "Also I wanted you to know that Yubico has offered existing customers a 40 percent discount when ordering up to nine units of 2.0 YubiKeys before the end of July. If you would like to, we would be happy to offer the same discount for Security Now! listeners, independent of whether they are Yubico customers or not."

Leo: Well, that's very nice.

Steve: "If you like this idea, please tell your listeners to enter the coupon code, SecurityNow, all one word" - and she has a capital N, I don't know if their coupon code is case-sensitive, but capital S-e-c-u-r-i-t-y capital N-o-w - "in the ordering process on Yubico's web store, and they will only pay $15 per key instead of $25. We would have the discount campaign for your listeners open for four weeks after your podcast, whenever in time this would be sent out." So I'm notifying all of our listeners that there's a special opportunity to purchase these new 2.0 version YubiKeys which are the dual function, for 40 percent off, $15 instead of $25, if they enter "securitynow" as their coupon code in the Yubico store. And that's And I'm sure you could navigate to where to purchase them from there.

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