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  • WHS 2011 Media Collector By Viros

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    A replacement for the HP Media Collector that was included with the HP MSS and, unfortunately, not ported to WHS 2011   Some notes: It assumes (and in fact only works on) the standard media folders (i.e., SERVER\Music, etc). It will install as a scheduled task, so if you feel it hasn't run in some time, then you can check there for issues. If you go to the media folder and see a file named something like "Music - Username.LOCK", then it's most likely running. If you know it's not running on any of your machines, then something likely interrupted the process. 9 times out of ten, you can safely delete this file if nobody is running it. It organizes your collections by username, so if your usernames are the same across all machines, then it will drop them into the same folder, otherwise, it will have one per account. The installer checks for this, but you need .NET Framework 3.0 or higher and Windows Vista or higher (x86 or x64). You can add additional formats! On the clients, all you need to do is open "%ProgramFiles(x86)%/Nick Radtke/WHS 2011 Media Collector/formats.txt". Add the extension you want to add to the appropriate section and make sure you precede it with a "-". I've only tested it with WHS 2011 and WS2012E R2. If the "RunMediaCollector - <Username>" task doesn't exist, try running the Media Collector manually (in the start menu). If it's still not there, try changing the frequency on the server side and pushing that to the client. You can change it back after this. System Requirements: Client: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1 (32 or 64-bit) .NET Framework 3.0 or newer

    Server: Note that if you're using a firewall that's not the Windows Firewall on your client(s), you need to add both the MediaCollector.exe and the MediaCollectorClientService.exe to be allowed with TCP connections. Windows Home Server 2011 or newer Gigabit Ethernet recommended