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    • Time Error EX495
      Noticed that the time was a few minutes slow so RDP'd into the server to check. It's set to sync with the default but that doesn't seem to be working. When I click on manual sync the server responds with the correct time. But the WHS clock remains a few minutes behind. It's a pain as I run Logitech Media Server which in turn provides the time to my Squeezebox players. This is the original WHS shipped with the product. Any ideas?
    • SQA-5H died looking for replacement
      Never mind I have fixed it by connecting a PC PSU directly to the motherboard.  
    • Windows 10 drawbacks/advantages vs 2012 R2 essentials
      I have been trying to figure out the advantages vs drawbacks of moving to Windows 10 for my home server needs.  I currently have Windows Server 2012 R2 essentials but have had a few minor headaches with it as of late.   Server 2012 R2 acts like a domain controller but I have not been using that feature since upgrading my clients to windows 10.  The bare metal restore is nice but I'm not sure of its importance anymore with other backup options that I can use with Windows 10.  I'm using Drive Pool for redundancy that will work with Windows 10.  The built in sharing is nice, but I think this would not be hard to create in Windows 10 as well.   I have a HTPC that I have been using for DVR and would like to move that function to the server.  I've had problems getting it to work with Server 2012 and think it should be easier with Windows 10 as well potentially.  (Would this be something that could be done with a VM on either Server or Windows 10 using Windows 7 MC? Never used a VM before)  Small issues I've had with Windows Server 2012 is stability of a few programs that I'm trying to run like Emby server.  I just don't want to make the jump if I'm missing some benefit that I could just be taking for granted that would be the same in Windows 10.  (I have a Windows 8 and 7 Pro that I can put on the server and then upgrade so it would not cost me anything other than time)  Thanks
    • SQA-5H died looking for replacement
      How about this or am I better getting a new one and putting the xeon cpu in myself?   P
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