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    • How to setup up a VirtualBox VM to run on boot?
      So finally got my server up and running (thanks for all the help here!) and setup a VirtualBox VM running Windows 7.  Its running great, but I need help with one last step.  I mainly set up this VM so that when I need to remote in to do some work, I can remote into a VM and work there rather than on the server itself.  So, in the advent that the server reboots (due to an update or whatever), I need it to boot too.  I saw a way to add it to the start folder under appdata, but that seems like it might only start running once the admin is logged in.  Anyway I can make this thing run as soon as the server boots?   I did buy the Virtualization book from here which was a great help in getting the VM set up, but it didn't have anything to say on that front.
    • WHS 2011 System Restore Problems
      Isn't this the way it often goes? All it took to get the restore to actually work was to go buy a hard drive. Not install it, just buy it. So when I returned home I decided to try the WHS recovery one more time. This time I made it to a screen that let me run a memory scan and a disk test. I ran both with no errors, then WHS magically started the updating itself. When it finished a few minutes later I was fully recovered. I noticed the last server backup had failed and on examination found it was pointing to the drive that is currently rotated offsite. Recall I rotate two disks for backup. I redid the server backup setup and am currently running a backup. I just wanted to get back here before someone spent time trying to figure out what I should do. Hopefully I want be back here tomorrow with the same issue ;-). 
    • WHS 2011 System Restore Problems
      Apparently my system disk has gone south on my server, and after several failed attempts at recovery I turn to you for some insights. I've read through as many old posts on recovery as I could find but questions remain. Configuration
      First, my configuration: I have the c: drive and system on a (apparently) failed WD 250GB drive. I have two other WD 2TB drives, one contains server backups and the other contains shared files. I also have several removable drives. One of these is used for client backups. I rotate two 4TB drives for these client backups. My server does not have DVD drive. My Approach and Problem
      I have created a bootable USB stick with the WHS 2011 installation copied to it. In the bios I changed the boot sequence to boot from the USB stick. I then booted and selected to repair the installation. When I got to the "Select a system image backup" it is blank. I had Windows search for the newest backup but after running for hours it said no backup was found. Also, I have actually run through much of the process many times and frequently it will hang. Sometimes it is at the "Starting Windows", other times at other places. Not sure of the relevance but I add that for completeness. Next Steps and Questions
      I am heading to Best Buy to buy a new system disk. My server also has IPMI so I am going to attempt to do the install using the WHS 2011 installation DVD mounted in one of the client PC's drive to see if that works in better. Once I get the new drive in, do I do a bare metal install and then restore the newest system backup over that? Are there any precautions I need to take to preserve and use my current system backups? Thanks much for any insights you can offer.
    • Lights out won't wake from hybrid sleep
      The answer to your question is "yes". I reviewed the link you sent and the only difference was that I had a time setting for "sleep after".
      I turned off hybrid sleep and set a time for the "hibernate after" setting. It was set to never. This allowed LO to wake from hibernate. I went back to the settings again and turned on hybrid sleep with a time setting for "sleep after" and
      "hibernate after" and LO will wake from hibernate. Go  figure!
      I must mention that I use a desktop shortcut to putting the server into hibernate: "SetSuspendState 0,1,0" without the quotes in command line.
      I don't know if this makes a difference or not. but when hibernate is turned on with the powercfg command the computer will hibernate. with hibernate
      off the computer will go to normal sleep (power light flashes). Now that that problem is solved I have to find out what else wakes the computer besides LO. I had been away for a few hours and on returning home
      the computer was on. A short time later it went to hibernation. It's my guess that Windows 10 update takes control at certain times for updates. That's
      why I now shut things down for the night including the router. Thank you for your support.
    • Before getting started
      The requirements for the CPU stated in Terry's book can be checked by running Sysinternals 'coreinfo' which is a free download from MS TechNet. I used this to check my own server hardware before I made the move from WHS2011 to Windows 10.  In my own (and admittedly limited) experience hardware performs slightly better with Windows 10 than with WHS2011. Chris
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