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    • Is my server slow or is this normal?
      So, I took your advice and bough a 1TB SSD.  I tried to reinstall the OS from my backup, but it just wouldn't work.  Probably better anyway.  I reinstalled and everything is amazingly faster!  Everything seems to be working just fine now, even got my Windows 7 VM set up.  One weird thing happened though that I thought I would point out in case anyone else has this happen: I figured the best way to reattach my clients was to uninstall the connector and then reinstall it.  Well, on the Win7 Home Premium machine, something screwy happened.  I had changed the password to meet the security requirements of the server.  When I uninstalled the connector, it did something to the password!  The current password didn't work.  The old password didn't work either.  I was pretty freaked out, but eventually I found this simple trick to reset it: Got it back up, made a recovery USB in case it ever happens again.  
    • Lights out won't wake from hybrid sleep
      I just installed the latest version of LO on a Windows 10 pro desktop which I had been using to back up two other desktops on my home network.
      LO will wake the clients and wake from at the selected time from the normal sleep mode by not when I put the server in hybrid sleep. LO will go  to hibernate at the designated time.
      I have been through several of the forum messages viewing the settings for Windows and the bios but can't find a solution. Any idea why? Thanks,  
    • Unable to re-connect computers
      I did, both server and workstations are on DHCP with DNS being obtained automatically.
    • Resume from Standby W2012 R2 not working
      Ok so I let it run and again it didn't wake the server as scheduled at 09:15. So I woke the server with WOL which works all the time now and checked the task scheduler logs. The message is :-  Task Scheduler did not launch task "\LoS-9ac136bd-9994-416c-b043-5da723eb24d4" as it missed its schedule. Consider using the configuration option to start the task when available, if schedule is missed. So its correctly setting up the Task for my daily wakes but for some reason its not activating it. I know the server can be woken by magic packets as WOL works for both Shutdown and Wake-Up. I am thinking that there could be setting issue (but I have verified against my WHS2011 box) or a permissions issue on the W2012 R2 box. But again they all look like they should work fine. So I am still searching for a reason why it never actually activates. Cheers Rip.
    • WHS server restore problem (new drive letter assigned)
      I just got done restoring my server via the restore server cd and my Windows Home server console is not launching anymore.  After probing around I find that the problem is the way WHS split out the DATA volume.  Before the restore my disks were: disk0: c: sys D:data disk1: D:data After the restore its showing, disk0: c:sys, J:data disk1: K:server_backup Needless to say the Home server console is not launching, Windows Home server computer backup service cannot be started, but I am able to remote desktop in without a problem.  How do I fix the problem with the volumes?  
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