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    • WHS Upgrade
      By Rlefler · Posted
      I want to upgrafe WHS 2011 to Windows 10. Do I need to make a clean install? Also if I do is there a chance that files will be changed on other hard drives besides C (system) & D (Recovery)? I have mostly media files on the other hard drives.   
    • Questions on Planning and Preparing for a N54L
      By darkarn · Posted
      Thanks! 1. I am surprised, I thought the speed difference in USB3 and Ethernet will make a difference. 2. Hmm, is Teamviewer an example of a RDP? 4. If I am going for a Gen8, does this mean that I do not need a USB3 card? 6. Am I right to say that I should use some RDP to transfer the files from the server to the USB drive attached to it? 7. I have a webserver running a LAMP stack currently, hopefully that experience will help! Thanks again!
    • Windows 10 clients on SBS 2011e
      By Gordon Currie · Posted
      OK, I know it isn't WHS 2011, but the underlying code for SBS2011e is 90% the same. My question probably has to do more with Window 10 logging in to a microsoft account and how that interacts with a domain login. I will be upgrading my wife's office PCs to Windows 10 soon. She currently has her PCs login to the SBS2011e server, and authenticate on her domain. (Now that I think about it, this probably is more suited for Windows Server 2012e due to the domain login issue.) What is the best practice for setting up Windows 10 clients in a business environment where they must login to a domain? Go with local accounts or the Microsoft account?
    • WHS 2011 No Free Upgrade?
      By mikmock · Posted
      I am pretty sure I know this answer but it has not been addressed in the book or forum; if one plans to upgrade their WHS 2011 to a Windows 10 Home Server, will it require the $199 price tag for a copy of Windows 10 Pro? I looked on Microsoft's website and saw no indication that WHS 2011 is eligible for an upgrade. Although it is technically within the era of Windows 7. Anyway, its a serious consideration for anyone thinking of using Windows 10 as a server, at least upgrading from WHS 2011. 
    • Disappearing HDD
      By jock23 · Posted
      I have been using a 2td HDD in my HP N40L Microserver for both storage and boot drive for around 2 years with no problem. Space was getting low so I bought another WD Red drive, this time a 3tb one. Installed it in the machine as normal and turned it back on. The drive showed up in drive management, I was able to select it and chose "gpt", formatted it and add a new volume so I could start using it. It showed up on my computer fine as drive E: However, as soon as I started moving some files across to it, it would run for about 30 seconds then hang, throw up an error message saying the file wasn't found in that location then kick me off. At that point the new drive would disappear off everything, not showing on my computer, drive management or device management. I read about bad connections but I have pulled the drive out, moved it to other slots, reinstalled it into the non-hot swap bays etc but I am still getting the same issue. Everything is fine with my other hdd. If I turn the server off and on again, the new hdd reappears. Annoyingly I can transfer small files across, it is as soon as I start moving any folder that is larger than about 1gb, thats when this occurs I would look to reformat etc but now it has some of the files on it that I transferred across and I don't want to lose them. Can anyone suggest what may be wrong?? Thanks
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