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    • Shares - A Nightmare!
      By Hyde · Posted
      Have shut down the RDP session and re-connected.  Using the host machine's name I still get the message back that the Server isn't switched on, not my network, etc. etc.  Tried again with the IP address and once again I get the warning that the certificate isn't from a trusted source, but at least I can still get an RDP session and the Sharing dialog box is still churning some 20 minutes since I kicked it off (for the 3rd time at least today).  So, would be nice to know why I have this certificate error too???  and how to fix it ;-)
    • Questions on Planning and Preparing for a N54L
      By Guest · Posted
      Don't.. HP has poor support, and there's lots of compatibility issues with N54l.

      Flashing the bios requires permission from HP before you can even download it, luckily i found another download link, but even after updating the bios, the network card still does not work with Windows.
    • Shares - A Nightmare!
      By Hyde · Posted
      Also having issues with RDP.  But having changed the client connection from using the PC's name to it's static IP I got an error message about the certificate not being from a trusted source.  Ignoring the warning and continuing to connect allowed me to gain a connection from my laptop and then typing "certificate" into the Settings search box got me a tool that allowed me to drag n drop the RDP certificate into the Trusted Root folder.  I'm hoping that'll help with all my connections now but I don't know and don't currently want to shut this RDP session down until performing a few tasks whilst I still can. I have now managed to share out my Software folder on the Server.  Yippee!  But the Music folder sharing is still churning away.  I can only guess it's down to the fact that there are 544 folders & 5265 files???
    • Shares - A Nightmare!
      By Hyde · Posted
      After getting a stable system for a few weeks I thought I'd make use the UK August Bank Holiday to extend the server to the rest of my family.  What a nightmare this has turned out to be! Perhaps, stupidly, I right clicked the Stablebit Drive Pool and shared everything out.  All appeared to go Okay.  Time to copy some new music files wirelessly from my laptop to the server.  First error was that the Server was either off or not responding, according to the Network Sharing Centre Trouble Shooting tool on my Windows 7 laptop.  Except of course I can see the Server working just fine on my TV screen.  Many hours later with nothing getting any better I switched all my wireless gear off and then rebooted the router.  Switched everything back on again and hey presto I can see the Server from Explorer on my laptop. Time to copy those files back over...  This time I don't have write access??? WT$!  So back into Explorer on the Server and this time I add "Everyone".  Trouble is that gets the permissions "Read & Execute".  No "Write" option to be seen.  Nearly all of that dialog box is greyed out.  I back out those dialog box[es].  Can't remember now. So now I go into Network Settings on the Server and turn off the ability for the machine to be seen by anyone.  Double check using my laptop and, as it should be, I can't see the Server at all in Network using Explorer on the laptop.  Go back to the Server and switch on the ability to be seen by other machines.  I also turn sharing off at the drive pool level and this time just select the Music folder on that drive and right click it and Share > Advanced Sharing > Specific People.  I add myself and this time it defaults to "Read/Write" as the permissions.  Woohoo, progress!  Then the pop-up "File Sharing" dialog box appears and a green bar flashes from left to right.  This goes on for over 2 hours before I cancel it.  I go back to my laptop and try to copy those files again but this time I'm asked to authenticate myself on the Server before the Music folder is displayed.  Music folder is then displayed.  Still can't copy those darn files over :'( I know, I'll pick another much smaller folder to Share and see if that works.  So on the Server I right click my Software folder (only has around 20 folders, 300 or so files and approx. 5GB in space.  I add "Everyone" to this folder and that too gets a standard "Read/Write" permissions.  So once again I click the "Share" button and the "File Sharing" dialog box appears but this time I have a much smaller green blob than the bar I had earlier and it just sits there.  Doesn't move at all. I'm getting very close to throwing this machine through the window!!! Now, the only other thing I think I ought to mention, although I have no idea what impact it would have, is that I'm also having issues with Microsoft sending me the code to verify my Microsoft Account.  I have an old Microsoft account from back in the days when it was called NetPassPort.  So whilst I managed to get an SMS message sent to my mobile phone, it's now going to take until the 23rd Sept for Microsoft to verify my account.  In the meantime I created a local admin account and I'm trying to do all the above under this local admin account. Any thoughts PLEASE!!!
    • WS 2012 Essentials R2 - Remote access Sign in
      By T-Bone · Posted
      Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 wont progress past the sign in screen. I enter either account I have given access to an when I click enter it sits there and wont progress. I finally get a time out error. I can remote Desktop to my server (on and off site) just cant get remote access webpage.
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